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9.9.2020 – God’s Infusion Therapy

I love how God can “infuse” us in such a way…. that we are “cleansed” and “nourished” at the same time… It’s His “infusion therapy”…

I had a dream last night, and in the dream, I was at the Dentist for some kind of “issue” with my mouth, with my teeth.

The Dentist asked me if I thought it was anything in particular, if I had a word to describe it, and it would show us more into what the actual root issue was that was causing me trouble, and in the dream I told the Dentist that the word “swollen” came to me…. (like it was an area that was swollen in my gums around my teeth — I think of “infection”, but I also think of “swollen” as “pride” as well…)

The Dentist said very positively,

“That’s good! Let’s go ahead and give her the “infusion” to flush out any infection or issues!

Then I woke up!

But I had a sense that this “infusion” was also the kind of infusion that will also “nourish” me at the same time.

So what does this dream mean?

I’m still in the process of learning about biblical dream interpretation, and I think I’ll always be learning the process, but I feel like the Lord showed me that the dream means that He is wanting to “infuse” me —to cleanse and to flush out and to nourish at the same time— any issue or anything that would hinder my ability to understand or discern, but I think it’s also anything root issue would hinder the things that I speak and say with my mouth, in general.

It honestly feels a bit vulnerable sharing this kind of dream on here today, but the truth is, we don’t need to be ashamed of needing God’s “infusion process” and I felt like the Lord wanted me to be vulnerable on here in order to share this today.

We all so desperately need God’s “infusion process” every single day, and I love how He will show us things in our dreams like this, so that we can come into agreement and into alignment with what He wants to do in our lives. I’m so thankful that He does this!

He wants to remove any hinderances that could keep us from doing what He is inviting us into—and He is inviting us into some really good and exciting things!

Thank You, Father! Thank You for giving me this dream that reveals a hinderance in me, but it doesn’t just reveal this root issue, it’s showing me that You have a solution and You’re eager and excited to get it started! Thank You for inviting me to be “infused” with Your “infusion therapy” that will wash away issues and ways in me that need to be cleansed, so that I will be able to function properly! Forgive me of these things, Lord. Wash them away… And then You “infuse” me with Your nourishment and Your love at the same time. ?

You’re so good to show us the things we need to be aware of. You’re so faithful, God. It’s all part of life as a human living on planet earth. ☀️ It’s all part of this beautiful process with You.

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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