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9.21.2020 – Another Layer

I love it when the Lord leads me to my “archive” of old journals…. and He shows me which ones to take down from the shelf to browse through…

When He does this, I know He’s going to reveal another layer that perhaps I’ve never seen before… and maybe I have seen it before, but I know I’m going to see it in a fresh and new way. ✨

As I was going through one particular journal this morning—just simply remembering and reflecting… browsing through pages of things that were on my heart, things that I was going through, things that were happening in my life at the time, obstacles I was facing…

Fears, hinderances… prayers and declarations… “failures” and then notes of tremendous breakthroughs and victories…

Words from others…

Scriptures that confirmed what God was doing in my heart…

Pages of words I began hearing God say to my heart… just like a letter transmitted straight into my heart, and I could hear the words He was speaking to me, and I wrote it all down…

As I reflected upon all of these pages in my journal, all of these memories, it was strange how the Lord caused me to see something I needed for where I currently am—for my life, right now.

He showed me another “layer” in this old journal from 2 years ago. He breathed life on it again to bring it into my “now” —and where I am, into the things I am facing right now.

And He stirred all of it up again in the pages of this journal, and spoke it into my heart again…. right now.

But He made it current and relevant.

Reminders of what He’s promised.

Reminders of what He’s brought me through.

Reminders of important things He wanted me to take to heart and remember.

Reminders of lessons He’s taught me…

Reminders of what He’s placed into my hands…

Reminders of a path He has taken me on…

It’s amazing how He can use things like this to revive my heart again—to encourage me in a way that only He can.

To remind me in a way that only He can.

To make things “new” in a way that only He can. ?✨

Trust the work He’s done in your heart and in your life—trust what He’s doing in the secret place—the place where no one sees, the place where no one else is looking right now but you and Him.

No matter how insignificant you feel, no matter how small you may feel, no matter what you have in your hands— that thing He has given you…. whether you think it’s significant or not—it is. If He gave it to you, then it is.

Just keep trusting, and keep walking with Him, and know that He is going to use what you have, He is going to touch and ignite what He has given you with His power, and He is going to use it in the way that He wants it to be used. In a way that brings Him glory…☀️

Just let Him…

You know, I’m learning to get out of my own way, so that I’m getting out of His way. ?

Lord, forgive me for thinking that what You’ve given me is not “enough”…

Forgive me for thinking my weaknesses are too great, that You “couldn’t possibly do something with them”… Lies!

Your ways are always higher than our ways.

And You may give us something “microscopic” and You may give some of us something “massive”… You may give us something that is seen, and You may give us something that is unseen… and what matters to You is that we do what You’ve asked us to do with what You have given us—and that we learn to do it for an “audience” of You, and that we learn to do it with joy!

Some of the things He gives us to do seem “small” and “insignificant” but they matter a great deal to God.

This is what matters.

God, I am also reminded that You seem to enjoy hiding an exciting twist into the story…

And I love that about You, Lord. ?✍?

Thank You, Father. You know what my heart needed this morning. ?

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “9.21.2020 – Another Layer

  1. Thankyou and God bless you for sharing such empowering moments between you and the Lord. It opens up my heart and mind to pray better , listen better and be looking for God in knew exciting ways I’ve never thought about before.

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