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9.23.2020 – “Hidden” Lessons

Have you ever wondered if God was “holding something back” from you?

Or “holding you back” from something?

The door won’t seem to open for you?

I notice that my mind often tries to take over in times like these…

Or my emotions…

Wondering this or wondering about that…

In times like these, we might feel frustration or even a touch of offense.

We may try to push into that thing even harder, we may try getting around another way…

But I’m starting to realize that situations like these come with an opportunity—an invitation— to sit down and ask God what He thinks about it…

“Father, what is happening here? How do You see this whole thing? What is on Your heart for me to know? What is on Your heart for me to realize from this situation? What is on Your heart for me to learn from this situation I’m in, that I really don’t understand?… What are You wanting to teach me here? What are You wanting me to see in all of this? What needs to be removed from my heart? What needs to sink in?”

He often prepares these “hidden” lessons for us to discover within situations and circumstances we don’t understand.

Perhaps in times that we “hit the wall”….or when we “can’t open the door”…

But if we pause—

and if we tune in and listen—and wait.

We’ll hear Him calling us into the place where He can teach us something much deeper from it all.

He’s teaching us His ways. He’s leading us closer into Him.

Don’t let the situation push you away… let it draw you close. ?

“Teach me your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor you.”—Psalm 86:11

There are so many “layers” to this life.

God wants to take us so much deeper and higher than we ever dreamed possible—and it’s only possible through Him.

God is so thorough, you know? ?☀️

I thank You for it all, Father.

-Heather ?

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