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9.28.2020 – Surprising Assignments

Why is it surprising….

…the times when God “takes me up” on,

“God, do what You want with my life! I’m Yours…. infuse me…. and use me…”

And then, when He all of a sudden hands me an assignment…a specific part to play in a situation…

“Oh God, I don’t know… You really think I can do that? I don’t feel qualified! I don’t know what I’m doing…. I don’t know how to do this…don’t You think I could mess it all up? (this is the part where God laughs ?) And yet here I am right in the middle of this thing that You’ve somehow placed in my path to do.”

This morning I came before the Lord feeling so weak, so unqualified, so little…and honestly just really wiped out and tired…a little bit emptied out…

And from that place I looked to Him and said,

“Father, You know me… You know exactly who I am and what I’m made of, through and through… and yet You’ve placed these “assignments” before me…. You want to use me in ‘this’? You want to use me in ‘that’?”

Sometimes it feels like God takes quite a “risk” on us doesn’t He? It does feel like that…

But He LOVES to! It brings Him great JOY to give us a part in His story! This is His desire! And He wants to see us step into our roles, He wants to see His children do what they’ve been created for!

He doesn’t look at us saying, “ugh…. this one…. ugh, this one is going to be a challenge. This one is going to be a pain…”


He looks at me, He looks at you… and says,

“How I love this one. ? How I delight in this one! I have made this one with My own two hands. ✍?This one I designed from the deepest places of My heart…I created this one precisely the way I did, for a reason and for My purpose!”

And He looks at us as we’re standing there, all exposed with all of our weaknesses and inabilities and our flaws… yet we’re so beautifully covered in Jesus… and He says…

This one, I can use… and I know exactly and precisely how I want to use this one…it’s all in My plans…?”

There are so many “unlikely” and “unexpected” ways the Lord desires to use us. And the assignments and tasks are so specific, and He orchestrates each one to be that way.

Some assignments are out in the open, some are there for the world to see… and other assignments are behind the scenes, unseen by others on the earth.

Some assignments that seem “insignificant” are bigger than we realize.

Big or small, seen or unseen—they’re all important to God.

He’s watching over it all…

These assignments and tasks He gives us may seem impossible to us, or it may seem like what He has given us to do is really not a big deal…

But He knew what He was doing when He gave the assignment to us.

Will I trust Him, and step into what He has given me to do? No matter what it may be?

And will I choose to believe that He can use “me” to do His most “impossible” work?

Will I choose to not focus so much on my weaknesses, but to focus instead on His amazing strength and perfect ability?

Will I listen to Him closely to make sure I am hearing clearly from Him, as to what my role is (and only my role—nothing more and nothing less) within the assignment?

And will I be ready to obey if He says to “let it go” into His hands at any given moment, when my part is finished?

Will I be ready to hand it right back over to Him if that’s what He asks me to do?

That I won’t continue to hold onto something when my part of the task is completed….

And that I will continue walking in my assignment or task until I have completed my part that He has given me. ☀️

His ways are far above our ways…

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts.”—Isaiah 55:8-9

Father, help us to be in tune with Your heart. Help us to be ready to jump into the assignments You give us! Thank You for giving us each a part in Your story. And thank You for infusing us with Your Spirit, that we may be able to do what You’ve asked us to do… and may we remember that You know what You are doing, and You know each of us through and through.

-Heather ?

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