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9.30.2020 – We live in EXCITING times!

There are many in this world, within this time, who are living in the place of feeling “trapped and tormented” by fear.

Many feel as if they are living within their “greatest nightmare.” ?

But an excitement ✨ rose up in me yesterday as I realized something…

As God reminded me of this…☀️

The enemy wants us to focus on what we fear

He wants us to get our focusstuck” on what we’re afraid of,

Or what we’re angry about…

He doesn’t want us to be able to see what God is doing! ?✨

But the truth is, as God’s children, as His beloved…. we are living in an exciting time!

We are living in a time that we get to rejoice about! We are living within a time that we get to be excited about!

We are getting to watch God’s beautiful “turnaround plans” unfolding and emerging…✨?

and we get to each take part… in His story, within this time that we were created to live in. ?☀️✍?

We must remember who we are, and who we’ve been uniquely created to be

And as a GOOD Father, God is reminding His children of these things…as He’s preparing us for His GOOD plans.

And He’s purifying us, He’s preparing us…. and yes, there are many challenges we face in this process.

But remember this beautiful promise… ?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”—Matthew 5:8

God, thank You for changing me, for redeeming my life—for changing the way I see and perceive things! You remind me of the truth, and the truth sets me free!

Thank You for transforming my heart and my mind—for the purification process You are faithful to take us through. You want us to experience tremendous joy ✨ as we find ourselves living in this time… not dread, not fear, not torment…

But joy ✨!

Because we get to SEE YOU MOVE! We get to SEE YOU!

And because we know that You have invited us to be a part of a good story, the greatest story of all time and eternity! ??

He is inviting us into this place of being excited ✨about getting to watch and see what He has up His sleeves—the GOOD things He has in His heart for those who are His. ✍?✨

Thank You, Father. ? Help us to SEE YOU ? in the midst of everything going on within our world!

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “9.30.2020 – We live in EXCITING times!

  1. Halelujiah!!!! I used to be a little bit jealous sometimes of the people in the Bible who lived during such powerful times. I wondered what it must have felt like to see God’s powerful hand move. Now, I sense the intensity of his power taking place in our time like never before. The people needed to be reminded then not to fear and we must not fear now. Let’s pray and watch with ears to hear and eyes to see. God is in control.??✝️??

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