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10.3.2020 – “If He can use a donkey…”

Why does it surprise me so much, whenever God uses me?

When He chooses to do something through me?

Why does it surprise me every time He asks me to do something,

and then I do it,

…and then He goes and does something there’s no way I could do?

And yet somehow, He does it through me…

Why does that surprise me?

When I’ve asked Him to use me, when I’ve submitted my life to Him?

When I’ve said, “Use me, Lord! I’m Yours!”

When I’ve surrendered to His will being done upon the earth?

“Father, Your will be done!”

Then why does it surprise me to find myself living as a vessel?

…To have a “front row seat” to something He does—something that I could never do in my own strength or ability or knowledge…. and yet I’m seeing Him do something before my very eyes…

Do things like this ever not only surprise you, but they kind of catch you off guard?

Astonish you?

Take your breath away?

“Um, God? Did You really just use me?”

I think God wants us to not be so surprised that “He would use me” so much as He simply wants us to be in a constant state of being astonished and amazed by seeing Him and experiencing Him in “what He does through me.”

In constant awe and wonder as we find ourselves living in a “front row seat” to His amazingness…

This is what He had in mind… this is the way He designed it to be!

To use you and to use me!

And He wants us to be amazed by Him… not because we can’t believe that He would use “someone like me” to do “that thing that only He can do”.

To be quite honest, I’m realizing that I have needed to “get over that”…

To be quite honest, I’m seeing how that attitude, that perspective in me has only gotten in the way…

He doesn’t need that attitude from me, He’s not wanting to use my “old nature”…it doesn’t matter who I’ve been before. I am a new creation in Christ, and He covers me—He lives within me! And He simply wants me to know who I am in Him, and He wants me living in a state of joyful excitement and anticipation of what He wants to do—marveling and so wonderfully taken by surprise at what I get to see Him do… ✨

“…there He goes again…. doing what only He could have done! God I’m just in awe of the way You choose to work through us. And You make it so unbelievably easy…. because I didn’t have to do anything of my own ability but say “yes” to the thing You asked me to do…. and then You poured out, and then You moved…. and then You did a thing that only YOU can do, and I am just in awe of You.”

May we forever be astonished at the “impossible” You do through us, God!

May we always be so joyously taken by surprise at what You do, as we rejoice with all of heaven at the wonders of Your work!

“Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”—Luke 15:7

I love the different wordings of Luke 9:43:

“And they were all amazed at the greatness of God…” (NIV)

Awe gripped the people as they saw this majestic display of God’s power…” (NLT)

“And all were astonished at the majesty of God…” (ESV)

“And all were astonished at the glorious greatness of God.” (Darby)

He is setting us up to be able to live in a constant place of awe and wonder of the things we will get to see Him do

Through me, and through you.

We get to live in the place of seeing Him first hand… and we know it can only have been accomplished by His hand. ✍?

Let us not get stuck in small thinking… let us not become trapped in lies we’re tempted to believe about ourselves…

Let us not get in our own way,

..let us get ourselves (wrong attitudes, small ways of thinking, insecurities) out of His way….

And let us remember that if He can use a donkey…

…then He can even use me, and He can surely use you. ☺️

It’s comforting, isn’t it? ☺️☀️

He longs to use you. He plans to use you. He has written you into His story… ✍? Will you step into the things He has in store for your life? Will you allow Him to do the things that only HE can do, through you?

Surprise us, Lord! That we may live in constant awe of You, and in all that we see You do! God, You’re so good at surprises! Thank You for inviting us into Your Kingdom. ✍? ? ? Help us to remember who we are, in You. Help us to realize that it is Your desire to use us, and to work through us. This part should not surprise us…but let us be taken by surprise at the wondrous things we get to see You do! Thank You for choosing each of us to have a part in Your story!

-Heather ?

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