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10.9.2020 – Oh, the many ways He makes Himself real to us…

“Create in me a clean heart, O God,

And renew a steadfast spirit within me.” —Psalm 51:10

So I’ve had this sort of “metaphor” on my mind this morning…

It’s a memory of mine, paired with some things that I’m realizing and learning about the character of the Holy Spirit.

God seems to like to use things in the natural —things I see around me, memories, real things that happen in my life—that help me to gain a deeper understanding of things that are spiritual. The things that are happening that we can’t see with our eyes.

I remembered a memory when I was a little girl the other day…

As a little girl, my room would sometimes get all cluttered and messy and disorganized and I’d become too overwhelmed to tackle cleaning it up by myself. So I’d get stuck… and I’d just dread dealing with it…it would somehow become the biggest mess and I just didn’t know how to deal with it. I’d try to avoid dealing with it…

But Mom would come and remind me to clean my room, and if I was stuck, she would often help me, she would help me dig into the mess so that we can get everything cleaned up, back in order, and I could get back on track with keeping it clean every day and doing what I was supposed to do.

I remember how relieved I felt when she would help me to get everything all cleaned up, she would dig in and help me, and we’d get the work done.

Did you know that God can use both a “Father and a Mother” figure to teach us things about Himself, His ways, His character… the multicolored layers of His heart?

Of course He can! It’s the way He designed it to be!

And I realized how in a way, within a “layer”… the memory of this thing that I experienced in my life, and the characteristics of the way my mom helped me… God can use this to help me to grasp and understand an aspect of His character, one of the “colors” and one of the qualities of the character of the Holy Spirit.

How the Holy Spirit helps us, how He reminds us of things we need reminding of, how He will be faithful to tell us, “You need to clean your room, so that the mess won’t pile up and get you bogged down and off track.” And then if we should get into a place where we’ve messed up and gotten off track, when we listen to His leading, He’ll help us out of our mess… time and time again…He’ll teach us and lead us in the way we should go. ☀️

And how the Holy Spirit comforts us, nurtures us, teaches us, carries us, encourages us, convicts us, guides us, reminds us—He speaks reminders into us that come straight from the Father’s heart.

“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; and you will be comforted ….”—Isaiah 66:13

Now, I’m not saying that the Holy Spirit is “feminine“…. what I’m saying is, that God has this way of being able to show us His qualities, and colors, and layers about who HE IS, through our Fathers and our Mothers in our lives! He wants to do this, to help us to understand who He is while we’re made to live and grow and learn within this life on the earth!

It’s incredible how He can teach us about who He is, and how much MORE He is… through this life that we live, through the things we go through in life.

Maybe you were abandoned, maybe you didn’t have your parents in your childhood, maybe you were an orphan, maybe you learned more about who God is “not” than who He is through your childhood….

But God has a way of clearing things up for us, and He’ll find a way to be made real to us! He has a way of showing us His heart, and showing us how to be able to see and know more of who He really is!

He wants us to know who He is!

He wants to clear it all up!

And He’ll take us each on a journey—our own unique journey—of discovering more and more and more of who He is, if we’ll say yes to taking that walk with Him.

And He has a way of redeeming our lives in the most beautiful and glorious way!

Thank You, Father! ? I love all the different ways You can teach me things about WHO YOU ARE in this life! You know me so well, and You know exactly how I need to learn more about who You are!

-Heather ?

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