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10.13.2020 – A relationship that grows and flourishes from the secret place…

When God gave me the URL that started this whole thing back in 2018…


I don’t think I had even a clue—any sense of depth, of what “Life in the Secret Place” really means…and I’m on this journey, that I’ll be on for the rest of my life, to understand and discover what it means.

And that’s how God designed it to be with His children. ?☀️

But I’m learning and I’m realizing, that as we begin to live our lives “in the secret place with the Lord”… in Him, we find LIFE…… and then LIFE begins to flow into our lives from living from this place with Him—from the relationship that begins to grow and flourish from this place.

Did you know that we can “remain in the secret place” all throughout the day, staying in His presence in everything that we do, with this realization that He’s right there with us at all times?

And at times during the day, I’ll realize when I’ve “stepped out” of this place as I dig into my day and become overwhelmed with the cares of the world….how quickly that can happen… and then I’ll suddenly realize it and I’ll realize the invitation to come back to Him, and to step back into the secret place with Him again.

But I realized the other day—it was like this awareness, that I was still “within the secret place”— I think I was randomly washing dishes or cleaning, or in the shower, and it’s like my day sometimes becomes this continuous conversation with the Lord, and as I go here and there and all throughout my day.

…It’s in the realization that He’s right here. That He’s walking with me. That He’s surrounding me.

That He’s teaching me.

That He’s for me.

That He’s been behind me.

That He’s gone before me.

And that He’s with me now.

It’s in the realization that I’m always “encircled” by Him.

And it’s being in the place of staying within that realization… and living from out of that…

And I can always talk with Him about anything that’s on my heart…

…and I learn to listen for the things that He’s got on His heart. ?

It’s the place He’s always drawing us back to, isn’t it?

Relationship. ?☀️

He wants us to learn to live from out of the secret place, He wants us to find LIFE from living from this place of secret, and He wants that LIFE to flow and grow and flourish from that place with Him, into every part of our lives…

And when we live from out of this place, it doesn’t mean that we’re living in a place that’s “away” or “disconnected” from the rest of the world that we’re living in…

It just means that we’re staying connected to Him, it’s means we’re living from that place with this awareness of Him being just right there…our beautiful, constant companion…

It means that, through the Holy Spirit, and because of Jesus, we get to stay plugged into the “receptacle” of our Heavenly Father’s heart. ??

And we’ll get to be AMAZED as LIFE (and power and authority) will begin to able flow from this place, as the relationship grows and grows, as we remain plugged into Him, as we become more and more aware of Him in every single thing that we do, and in everything that we see.

So this is my journey…. this is what He’s been taking me through every single day…this is what He’s teaching me.

It all comes from relationship, doesn’t it?

And it’s a process, it’s something that grows and flourishes…and it’s something that takes time…

And from our relationship with Him, from learning to live this life with Him…keeping a constant awareness of Him in every step that we take, and in every decision that we make…

Comes everything. ✨? ?

Thank You, Father, for drawing me close, and for teaching me how to grow in relationship and in awareness of YOU. ☀️ You teach me how to live this life in a way that only YOU can!

-Heather ?

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