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11.14.2020 – “Lord, this ‘voice’…. how do You want me to use it?”

I think it deeply pleases God when we ask Him things like,

“Father? What do You think about this?

What’s on Your heart?

What are You thinking about?

What are You dreaming about?

What is Your desire, God?”

What’s Your will for this situation that I’m seeing/going through/experiencing?”

It must bring Him so much joy when we think of Him in this way, when we think of His heart, when we wonder what He could be feeling right now. ?

I’ve been thinking about how God gives each of His children a “voice”…

And how the “voice” that He gives each one of us, comes in a very unique design and purpose for what He wants to do in the earth—through me and through you.

For some the “voice” comes mostly through speaking,

for others the voice comes mostly through through song,

and through some the voice comes mostly through a pen—through writing,

and for some the “voice” comes through creating.

And it doesn’t end there…

Some voices are louder, some voices are softer.

Some voices are heard by many,

other voices are meant for “the one“…

And the varieties of the way He’s created us to be are “multifaceted”…just as He is “multifaceted.”

Have you ever stopped and asked God this question?

“Lord, how do You want me to use my ‘voice’? The one You have given me to use? The unique ‘voice’ You give to each of us as You create and design us? What does it look like for my life? What have You dreamed up in Your heart to do through me, for Your purpose?”

No two “voices” are exactly the same.

No two “voices” are going to tell the “story” in the “same way.”

He created us each to tell His story with our lives, but each in our own unique expression—through the living our our lives.

So we might as well quit thinking we should sound “like this person” or sound like “that person” or do it “this way” or do it “that way” because it’s what we see in others that looks good to us, because it’s what we see them doing well…

And I can’t let “comparison” tempt me to shut down my expression— my “voice”… my “story of His story”….because I think mine isn’t “good enough”—because I don’t think it’s good enough or “necessary enough” to be used.

Because you know what?

God gave me the “voice” I have— created just for me to use alongside Him… and He wants us each to use the voice we’ve been given, not to “silence it, not shut it down, not hide it.”

This is what the enemy has tried to get me to do for most of my life.

This battle has been one of the battles of my life.

The enemy knows, that if he can “silence us”… then a ‘voice’ that God designed—an expression of His heart—will be wasted, unheard, unused—or destroyed. Non-threatening to his dark kingdom.

So we might as well just ask our Heavenly Father what He has on His heart about the situation. Because He’s the one who gives us each a ‘voice’…

“God, what have You put in my hand? Help me to see it, and help me to be brave enough to use it as You intend for me to use it.”

…and He’s the one who teaches us how to use it in a way that is unique to you, and unique to me.

We are each created to be multifaceted—each a unique expression—a child who was created from a desire in His heart.

He created You because He wanted you, and He also knew the world needed YOU— because He always planned to “speak” through each of His children—each in a unique way.

He’s the one who shows us who He made us to be.

He’s the one who leads us into that beautiful discovery…

He’s the one who shows us how He created us each to uniquely function in this life.

And He’s the one who teaches us how to use what we’ve been given.

He teaches us how to “walk”…

And He teaches us how to “talk”…

And He teaches us how to tell our stories, how to live our stories… and He has made it all part of His story.

Lord, will You teach us how to use the “voice” You uniquely created in each of us —and for this time we’ve found ourselves living in? Help us to remember that we are to go to YOU, and You alone to find our “voice” and to discover and learn how we are to use it. Let us not be deceived by the lies of the enemy, but let truth and love ring loudly in our ears and within our hearts.

You’re a good Father, and You created us, and You filled each of Your children with a heavenly purpose. Help us to walk it out, help us to “speak it out” in whatever way we are to use our “voice”…. and help us to most of all remember, that it’s not just “about me“… that it goes so far beyond just our own lives. This is how You designed it to be—so perfectly, so miraculously.

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “11.14.2020 – “Lord, this ‘voice’…. how do You want me to use it?”

  1. Thankyou Heather for faithfully writing from your heart everyday and sharing Gods words with us. I find comfort and guidance in them every morning. May God continue to guide you and bless you.

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