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12.1.2020 – “At the Ready”

I have a note in my phone that I was reminded of this morning…

It was something I had to jot down in the moment I heard it in my heart.

Be ready to be someone who God can useat any given moment.

Something about this got me excited, and hopeful, and charged up…and at the same time, convicted, and loved, and “at attention” to be “at the ready”…all at the same time.

“At the ready”…..

It means,

“If you have something at the ready, you have it in a position where it can be quickly and easily used.”

“in a position or state of being prepared for immediate use”

Synonyms: poised, waiting, prepared, in readiness.

How easy it is to not be ready to “say yes” to God ….

If I’m not “at the ready”…. will I be prepared and ready to quickly “say yes” to God the moment He says to to “go”?

This convicted me, and it got my attention.

It’s so easy to get lazy.

It’s so easy to “just let someone else handle it”….

And it’s convicting me again this morning… and in the most motivating, exciting, hopeful, recharging, and loving kind of way.

We live in a day when God is using His people, He needs us to be willing to put our feet to the ground, and “go” when He says “go”…

And He doesn’t want fear, or intimidation, or apathy, or drowsiness, or distraction to hold us back from being “at the ready.”

There are “big” roles and there are “small roles” that God has for His people in this time.

Every. single. one…. is just as important. “Big” and “small”…

It’s not for us to decide if we’re “good enough”, or if we “matter enough”, or if we think we’re even going to be heard…

What matters is that we are “at the ready” for whatever it is He could ask us to do.

Doesn’t matter what it could be, as long as it’s an “order” from Him.

Because this is a crucial time.

And sometimes God likes to surprise us. ? ?

How He surprises us.… and we’re filled with awe and wonder of Him. ☀️

And He is glorified. ?

So Father, help us to be “at the ready” for whatever it is You ask of us.

Forgive us for the times we’ve let fear or intimidation, apathy, and distraction hold us back from being ready to “go” when You say “go”…

Thank You for the reminder this morning, Lord.

You give us everything we could ever need, to do what it is You have for us to do. Help us to remember this, God. ? ?

Let Your voice, be louder than all of the others, may we hear Your heart so surely in our hearts, Lord!

-Heather ?

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