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12.7.2020 – Peeling off another layer…taking another step in the journey…

My life has been a journey…

A process

A lot of my life has been a life of “closing myself off, shutting myself down, hiding myself away”….

And the more recent part of my life has been the undoing of that.

Uncomfortable? Yes. But worth it? Oh yes.

At times my life has seemed a lot like a roller coaster…ups and downs, and at times a little scary and overwhelming…sometimes I’ve wanted to close my eyes until it’s over…

Other times it has been like hiding away in the woods…taking cover, attempting to be “unseen”—by God and by anyone else.

And then it has been like walking with Him through the garden….just discovering who He is, and realizing that He cherishes me. A time of realizing just how wonderful and beautiful He really is…

Over the last few years it’s also felt a lot like mountain biking on a really great bike trail… (or at least learning to ride the trail, and getting back up if I hit a bump in the road and keep going!)

Lately it’s felt a lot like simply walking alongside Him on a hiking trail.

…Learning to watch and listen closely, learning to keep taking those steps forward with Him—no matter how the path looks up ahead from my perspective, no matter how challenging or impossible it may seem to be.

He’s always moving us forward. He’s always calling us to follow Him.

He always keeps us moving.

Reminding us…

And He’s so good to take us through a process of “undoing”…



Peeling off another layer of some kind of mess I’ve made in my attempts at doing life on my own over the years…

And I’ll go through a lesson in one thing, and then when that lessons is complete, I’ll find myself right at the start of the next lesson—the next part of the process, the next thing to look at, the next thing to face alongside Him.

The next step in the journey…

And He has this way of making all of the pain we’ve ever experienced, all the tears that we’ve cried in times of brokenness, and all of the messes we’ve ever made….. all beautiful, and all worth it. ?☀️

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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