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12.22.2020 – The ways we get to know Him…here and now.

“…for You have been my help,

and in the shadow of Your wings I will sing for joy.

 My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.”

—Psalm 63:7-8

If we never had to go through trials…

If we never had to face scary things…

If we never had to deal with sickness…

If we never had to deal with loss…

If we never had to deal with pain…

If we never had anything that we must overcome…

If we were never faced with “the impossible”….

Would we know Him as our Deliverer?

Would we know Him as our strong tower?

Would we know Him as “merciful”?

Would we know Him as always “faithful”?

Would we know Him as Provider?

Would we know Him as “Jehovah-shalom” —the God of Peace?

Would we know Him as Comforter if we were never in need of being comforted?

Would we know Him as the LIGHT of the World, if we never had to face any darkness?

Would we know Him as “Way Maker” had there been “any other way?”

Would we know what it’s like to be cleansed of sin, to be loved unconditionally, to be forgiven—even when we don’t deserve it?

If we never had to go through these kinds of situations, would we come to know Him so closely, so personally, through the living and through the experiencing of our lives?

Would we be able to gain the “testimony” that knowing Him, through living this life with Him, gives us?

With passion I pursue and cling to you.
Because I feel your grip on my life,
I keep my soul close to your heart.”
—Psalm 63:8 TPT

Have you ever wondered why God allows us to get right to the “edge” sometimes? Why He allows to go through things that are so hard?

Why must we go through such things? Why can’t it just be easy?”

I believe a beautiful reason, in part, is so that we can gain the experience of Him, as being everything we could ever need. ? ?

…that we may get to experience Him as our Deliverer, our strong tower, our solid rock, our Comforter, our Healer…our Savior. ☀️

That we can know, what it’s like to run to the shelter of His wings.

We can know what it’s like to experience His unexplainable peace in the midst of chaos.

We can know what it’s like to be loved unconditionally, even when we feel that we are “unlovable”…

Isn’t that wonderful? ?☀️

He is good!

Let us remember what a gift it is, that we get to live and experience Him through the living of our lives.

No, life isn’t easy, it isn’t perfect—and it can be quite messy.

But it’s the way God planned it because He knows what He’s doing.

We have the privilege of experiencing Him and getting to know Him so closely— here and now.

We’re experiencing Him, and He’s building in us, our testimony.

He’s building in us, a beautiful story that we can tell the world, a testimony that we’ll be able to take with us into eternity.

And when we get to meet Him face-to-face…

I believe He wants it to be more like a beautiful “home coming” a “glorious reunion.”

Relief“…. because we finally get to see the One who has always been there with us and for us…all along. Through the whole journey…

“Oh the times we’ve shared with Him…”

The One who has created us, held us, carried us, guided us, forgiven us, washed us clean, delivered us, healed us, amazed us, loved us…..

Saved us. ?

Oh thank You, Father. Thank You for allowing us to know You and to experience You, even now. ?

-Heather ?

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