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1.23.2021 – Mind Chatter

Yesterday, the enemy came at me again with these kinds of things…

“…you’re too much. You just need to go away and settle down…”

“…you’re acting foolish.”

“…you’re acting nutty, you’re an embarrassment.”

“…you don’t make sense.”

“…people think you’re too ‘this’ and people think you’re too ‘that’…”

“…just be quiet, nobody wants to hear what you have to say.”

“…you just need to shut up, it’s safer ‘in being silent’ anyway…less risky…”

Honestly, these are the kinds of things the enemy tries to throw at me from time to time, but it felt like a sudden ambush yesterday…

But the Holy Spirit is so good to help us recognize what’s really going on, to show us TRUTH.

He’s so good to let us know, to make us aware, when the lies are being poured into our minds like gasoline.

But we need to be able to recognize Him! That it’s HIS voice telling us the TRUTH in the midst of the raging storm of chaotic mind chatter.

And I’ve been realizing—beginning to grasp—over the last few years, that recognizing Him comes from knowing Him, from developing a relationship with Him.

And in the midst of the “ambush” there comes a moment of opportunity that the Lord gives us…

…it happens in the moment His voice speaks in the midst of the lies that are pounding and pouring in…

“These are lies… this is not what is true. Remember what is TRUE.”

And we have a choice.

We can either listen to Almighty God, or we can allow ourselves to continue getting swept away in the lies of the enemy.

Who are we going to believe? Who are we going to listen to?


We can either say,

No thanks. Get me off this roller coaster ride.”—and we can “remove the seat belt” and “get off the ride” before it sweeps us away…

Or we can just allow ourselves to remain strapped in, and we can do nothing, and we’ll suddenly find ourselves carried away on this “evil roller coaster ride”—an UNNECESSARY emotional roller coaster of the mind and emotions.

An emotional roller coaster ride that wants to take us into fear, and worry, and fear of man… and torment. And we’ll soon find ourselves fretting over the most ridiculous things, and shaken all up about it.

But… God is so good to give us an opportunity to listen to His voice…and to take heed to what He says to do.

Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”—Romans 12:2

(This verse was actually on the footer of my journal page this morning, how perfect!)

Thanks to God, I am happy to say that I did not go on this “roller coaster” ride yesterday… this “evil roller coaster ride” that I have to admit—I’m awfully familiar with.

As soon as these lies and accusations started pounding, trying to get into my mind, trying to sweep me away in my emotions, I heard the Lord speak…

And I stopped… and I heard Him tell me what to do.

And I literally told the enemy to “get his lies and his chatter out of my mind in the name of Jesus”…

And do you know, it almost instantly stopped?

I was able to move on to other things and all of the chatter vanished.

It’s all an illusion anyway, you know? Smoke and mirrors…

Our God is faithful! He leads us! He teaches us how to have a sound mind. He teaches us how to hear His voice in the midst of the chaotic chatter that tries to sweep us away…

Thank You, Father! ?

I remember a time in my life when it seemed that I was trapped on this “evil roller coaster ride” in my mind and emotions.

The “chatter” is bad right now…the accuser is “accusing”

But our God is faithful…

He’s so faithful to deliver us from the traps and the schemes of the enemy that try to keep us bound!

He’s so faithful to deliver us from our ways!

He’s so faithful to teach us!

Thank You, Father. ? You transform my mind, You teach me how to think. You teach me how to BE—how to grow into being Your daughter—who You’ve really created me to be—who I really have been, all along. ??

-Heather ?

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