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2.3.2021 – Learning to Recognize His Voice through the Noise

I’m realizing that there is something so beautiful about the way God longs for us to be able to recognize His voice in the midst of the noise…

…for ourselves, one-on-one, heart-to-heart

From a Father, directly to His son or daughter….

It can be frustrating sometimes, or even a little scary when we think we are having trouble hearing Him.

Or when things don’t seem as obvious and clear and easy to hear as in a previous season…

But we must know and remember this…

God is committed to teaching us, and growing us, and cultivating us, so that we can hear His voice, and hear His heart—clearly and directly.

Jesus made a way for us to come to our Heavenly Father, to have close, direct relationship with Him!

Jesus told him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. If you had really known me, you would know who my Father is. From now on, you do know him and have seen him!'”—John 14:6-7

As much as we we want to hear Him clearly—God desires it so much more.

But He also knows that it’s something He must teach us, that He must prepare the way for growth as He prepares our hearts, and as we say “yes” to cultivating our own relationship with Him.

A close relationship doesn’t flourish over night.

But He’s committed to having close relationship with each of His children!

But it can take a little bit of time and living life for us to be able to say,

“You remember that time we went through this together, You and me, God? You remember that time this happened and God, I wasn’t sure, but You were faithful and You led me through…”

Remembering times experienced together…

The enemy will attempt to take us off the path as we’re just beginning to grow and learn how to hear and recognize God speaking to us in our own hearts.

The enemy will attempt to cause us to doubt,

he’ll throw lies at us, he’ll throw distractions at us,

he’ll attempt to disorient us in a swarm of confusion…

he’ll even bring people into our lives who attempt to intimidate and bully us, and they’ll try to make us think we can’t hear God for ourselves, …”So we might as well just listen to them instead.”

But God desires a close relationship with each of us!

It may take some “tuning in” on our part, and it may take some cultivation, but God says that His sheep CAN hear His voice.

It’s important.

So what does God so faithfully do?

He calls us,

He invites us in,

He draws us close,

And He takes us into His Word…

Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.”—Jeremiah 33:3

And as we seek Him with our whole hearts, we can know that we will find Him.

And He washes us clean…He clears all the noise away…as we hear the beautiful sound of His voice in our hearts!

And He makes us able to recognize when it’s Him, and when it’s not.

And He makes us able to recognize when we have His peace about moving forward into something, and when we do not.

And God begins to take us into “learning adventures” with Him,

Yes, including some trial and error…

Times when we say, “God, is that You? Did I hear You clearly? Can You show me?”

And He teaches us,

He walks us through,

He confirms to us…

Even in our mistakes!

It’s all part of His way of cultivating us, so that we can grow in relationship with Him.

And what does He want for us? That we will continue growing in Him, and with Him—every day of our lives.

Beware of those who attempt to intimidate you or “push” their agenda with their “ability to hear God for YOUR life”—without giving you the space to seek God about it for yourself.

Take it to your God, ask Him for yourself, ask Him to guide you into truth, hide yourself in Him, dig into His Word…

and He will show you the way!

He’s right there to confirm and to show you the way…

Do you think He would want you to be led astray?

So don’t worry or fret when you think you’re having trouble tuning in…

Just press in…seek Him, dig into His Word, open up your heart to Him, and just remember that He is cultivating your heart, and He is drawing you close, and He is teaching you—through the leading of the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God—how to hear Him speak in the place of your heart.

“How precious is Your loving devotion, O God, that the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings!”—Psalm 16:11

Each of us take our own unique steps with Him, at different paces, as we take His way.

And one day you’ll look back on your journey…

All of your ponderings, and all of the times you practiced sitting and waiting and tuning in…

Seeking and knocking…

Asking and listening…

And He’ll bring His light…. these “light bulb moments”

And you’ll see and know

Because He’ll show you,

“Yes, that was Me.”

“Yes, you heard Me.”

“Look and see now what I was doing, and what I was teaching you in that situation.”

“Yes, you are My sheep, and you CAN hear My voice!”

As we walk closely with Him, He does not lead us astray!

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”—John 10:27

Thank You, Father. ? I trust You. Thank You for promising to do a good work in me. And thank You for wanting a relationship with me… with me. You and me. It’s just amazing…

-Heather ?

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