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2.9.2021 – “You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good…”

This morning the Lord led me to a verse,

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God turned it into good in order to bring about this present result, to save the lives of many people.” —Genesis 50:20

It’s funny because, even though I’ve not really been quoting this verse or referring to it specifically, it has been on my heart in that,

I know

That whatever the enemy has plotted against me…

God is going to use it for good!

SO much good…

And He is going to make it backfire in the enemy’s face.

And the enemy will wish he never even tried to take me out,

he’ll wish he never even tried to sneak those tormenting lies into my thoughts, trying to convince me that they’re mine…

he’ll wish he never even tried to lead me into self destruction...

he’ll wish he never even tried to convince me into hiding,..

he’ll wish he never even tried to attack my health…

he’ll wish he never even tried to shut down my voice…

Because my Heavenly Father is going to use ALL OF IT,

in such a way,

that it will go so far beyond just me, and my little life.

I feel so sure of this in my heart.

This is our God! This is what He loves to do with our lives!

This is His heart. This is the longing in His heart for each of His children!

He’s taking ALL OF IT, and He’s doing a GOOD thing for those who love Him!

This is part of why, when I’m going through something, when I’m facing a battle or struggle, I take it to my Heavenly Father,

and I sort it out with Him,

and then I write about it.

God invites me to let Him use what I’m going through.

He invites me to let Him use all of these things in my life.

All of the lessons He takes me through each day…

And until I get to see the fullness of the amazing “good” that God will make of the things I’m going through, the things I have gone through…

He gives me the most beautiful little glimpses… ✨

And He encourages me with powerful truth, the incredible principle—His way, His heart…that is in Genesis 50:20.

And while we’re still in “the middle”…

While we’re in the waiting…

While we’re in the middle of learning how to endure…

God will give us the peace and strength that we need to be able to endure through, and to keep going.

He is for us! And He knows what HE CAN DO with it all!

There’s nothing quite like those moments when you’re on your knees, literally crying out to God about a thing on your heart…

And as you finish praying, as you begin to feel peace sweep in,

replacing the pain

and the concern

and the worry

and the fretting about that “thing” that you’ve brought and handed over to your Heavenly Father—a thing you find yourself having to hand over each day, sometimes in each moment

And then you look up…

and see a dove land right outside the window ?

in that very moment.

This is how He so often works in my life. ?

He’s so faithful to let us know that He’s just right there.

He’s just right here

Let Him use your story… just say “yes”…

And then wait and watch for every attempt of the enemy to backfire…

And watch our God make something so beautiful. ✨

Thank You, Father. ? Thank You that we never go through these things alone. And I thank You, God, that You are fully aware of everything the enemy attempts against us, and You are so wonderful to somehow make something so beautiful

…out of ALL OF IT.

Not one thing goes to waste. ?

-Heather ?

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