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2.20.2021 – Learning to Rest the Mind

The sunrise is back… ☺️☀️✨

…and it’s so beautiful, and warm, and hopeful, and glorious this morning.

I wish I could convey the feeling of being surrounded by the morning light…

But I just don’t think I can do it justice with words right now.

So I took a photo of it this morning.

Perhaps you’ll be able to feel it too.

Perhaps you’ll be able to feel the refreshment…

The reminder that it’s a brand new day.

The reminder that He renews our minds…

The reminder that He soothes the chaos that sometimes arises in our souls—in the places of our minds.

And He helps us to step into His rest. 🍃

He’s teaching me, how to find His rest in the place of my mind.

All of the places in my mind that spiral out of control sometimes…

All of the places where anxiety sneaks in, without me even realizing it...

All of the places where I obsess about things, and I dig, and search, and dig some more…. desperate to find answers.

Desperate to “figure it all out.”

Desperately grasping for the understanding

But what if there is a different lesson God is wanting to take me through right now?

What if,

within this place of the lack of understanding,

in the middle of the unknown…

What if, my Heavenly Father wants me to learn

how to simply rest for now,

in the place of my mind

within the broken places of my heart

even in while I’m still in the middle of these things?

What if He wants me to learn how to simplify when I get a little too complicated in my thinking?

When I’m headed for overwhelm, when I find myself getting pulled into a not-so-good thought pattern, when I feel anxiety for “no reason”…

What if…

He wants me to simply learn to experience His rest and His love for me…

even while the thoughts are pulling me this way, and that way

and wearing me down.

I think perhaps, He is. ☀️

I think perhaps, this is very important to Him.

What if this is am important lesson for me to learn?

And what if He wants to take some of the “pressure off”….

And He just wants me to learn how to let go….

And rest

And really trust Him to handle the things I cannot reach myself.

That I might learn to quit reaching for those answers so intensely

And that I would simply learn to reach,

only for Him.

So my words are short and sweet this morning. 💖

Thank You, Father, for these lessons that You know I need.

Thank You for digging into my heart and helping me to see and realize the deeper things that You want to heal and soothe and renew and redeem.

You’re a good Father and I trust You in this. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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