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2.21.2021 – Hidden Places of Brokenness

“…He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted…”—Luke 4:18

Sometimes there are broken places within us…

within our hearts

That we’ve not realized, that we’ve been unaware of.

Places that are broken,

places that need mending—that have perhaps gone “undetected”


unaware—perhaps even unseen by others.

But our Heavenly Father has seen every place within us—He has seen it all.

He has seen every broken place.

He knows…

of every wound, every flaw.

And this morning I am reminded…

That Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted.

He came to bind up our wounds, our broken places.

He came for you, and for me.

Because we all have broken places within us.

And over time, in the right time

He surfaces these broken places,

these imperfect places,

these wounded places…

And we can begin to see and realize what’s there as He brings them up to the surface.

As He brings them into His light…

And we may want to run from these places,

we may want to hide our eyes from seeing these things

we may want to push these things back down, hide them away

we may want to avoid the whole thing because we think it’s too scary or too painful to deal with…

But Jesus came to heal these places.

He came to love us back to LIFE in these places.

And we can know,

that when these things rise to the surface of our hearts…

It’s time for Him to do the deeper healing work that we need.

It’s time for Him to do what He came to do.

It’s time for Him to do what only He can do.

And He brings us into

this place

with Him…

Where He can begin to love these places within us, back to life.

And just like I heard Him say to me yesterday…

“It’s okay….. It’s okay…. It’s okay….” 🍃💝

It’s okay, to be in this place with Him.

And He makes the brokenness beautiful.

And not only does He make the brokenness beautiful,

He plans to make “good use” out of the whole thing. 🌈

Because He’s good. ☀️ And because He’s wonderful. 💖

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being here to love these places back to life. Thank You for leading me into a closer closeness with my Heavenly Father. 💝 How You help me to see from a higher heavenly perspective when I get so caught up and bogged down in my own perspective. Thank You for being committed to my heart. How You’re redeeming my life… 💖

-Heather 🌺

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