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2.24.2021 – Questioning

I have a funny little story to tell you…

Well, it’s not really “funny” but… I’m choosing to look at it in a way that keeps things in perspective.

A few weeks ago I discovered an issue with my blog site where, for some reason, in all of my post archives from about January-back—a couple of years of daily posts—many of the places where I used a symbol emoji in the posts (which is a LOT)….

…these have been replaced with a random mess of “?” marks…

For example:

As of right now, it’s looking like there is nothing anyone can do that would be a quick fix, and so it will possibly be something I’ll need to dig into as a project, at some point, to go back through each post and remove these random “?” marks where they do not belong.

But here is the picture I’m attempting to paint with this situation…

In this life, the enemy is going to attempt to throw things at us to overwhelm us, to disrupt us, to annoy us, to throw us off, to confuse us, to discourage us…

And God is teaching us how to not be swayed.

How to not so easily fall into discouragement…

How to not be stopped…

How to keep going, with Him “through”…

And when it comes to things of this nature—when it comes to things much, much deeper than this little example of these annoying “?” marks in my posts…

When the enemy tries to cause us to “question” all kinds of things about our lives…

When he tries to cause us to “question” who we are in Christ, or what God has made us capable of, what God has set in our hearts to do, what He has designed and purposed for our lives…

Our Heavenly Father infuses us with His truth.

And He teaches us…

He reminds us of what He has designed into us…

And He writes His Word upon our hearts in such a way,

that we learn to say…

in ANY KIND OF SITUATIONbig or small

“Oh Father… You know.



Oh Father… You see.



Oh Father… You love me.


love me.

Oh Father… You’re good.


are good.

And Father… how You so beautifully restore and redeem.

How You take IT ALL—all of the things that are stolen from us, all of the times we were weak, all of our mistakes, all of our times of uncertainty…anything that was attempted against us… and You can make something so beautiful

…You take IT ALL and You polish and perfect

…in a way that only You can.

I trust You.”

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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