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2.28.2021 – Layers of Lessons

As I look at Psalm 91—a psalm that God brought into my life in such a powerful and personal way…

…this psalm that I began digging into a few years ago…


A year of many beginnings.

A year of “unlocking”…

And stepping into

…this “secret garden” with my Heavenly Father… 🌱🌷

Little did I know the adventure that would come of it. 🚴🏻‍♀️☀️

Little did I know just how REAL this passage of scripture would begin to become to me—how it would come to life, in my life, and in so many layers.

And now, as I look over these scriptures of Psalm 91, it feels like I’m sitting here with a “treasured, dear old friend.”

A friend that I’ve gotten to know,

A friend that I’m still getting to know…

A friendship that only goes deeper and deeper each day.

And just like with this passage of scripture that God has been unfolding and making real within my life, in the most personal way…

Layer upon layer…

I’m realizing

that my life is

also unfolding in layers. 🌈🗝

Layer upon layer that God is peeling back for me to see, to realize, to understand in His perfect timing.

Gradual is okay. 🍃

“Layers of Lessons”

And in the same way the scriptures seem to “unfold” to us

in fresh, new ways

fresh revelation

sharpened vision to see

understanding of truth

that only goes deeper

and deeper

and deeper

(And yet, in many ways, it becomes more and more simplified!)

Layer upon layer of lessons for our lives.

Our Heavenly Father is “revealing” to us

through these layers in His Word

through these layers of lessons

in our lives…

with each new layer that He peels away

with each layer that He leads us to dig into…

“What’s next, Father?”

And then He peels back another layer…

and the “new lesson” ✍🏻

begins… ✨

He’s the most wonderful Teacher. 💖🌳

And we are safe

as we learn through

these layers of “life lessons”

Safe, within His love.

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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