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3.2.2021 – Foundational Health

Right now, I’m in a season of learning…

just how much

our Heavenly Father cares about the heart—

the foundational part

of who we are.

I’m experiencing,

I’m living in the realization

…of just how much

He wants our hearts to be “foundationally healthy”

our souls to be well

He cares for us enough,

that He would rather our hearts be healthy and healed,

than for us to continue to build

upon a foundation

that would not support

His growth.

…what He wants to build up

within each of us.

What He has prepared for us.

His Body. ☀️

Our God is a God who does things right.

He put things into order…

…into alignment.

He knows how He created us and designed us to function.

…that we would live a life that is vibrant and fruitful,

with hearts that are full of love, peace, joy, and compassion.

And He knows everything that needs to be made right.

Every wounded and broken place that needs mending…

Every place within us

that needs to be redeemed.

And sometimes we can go through life, not realizing there is anything broken, not realizing there is an issue in the deepest part of who we are—

within our foundations…

Places that we’ve been unaware of for most of our lives.

But in the right time…

He is faithful to reveal these broken places within our hearts

…within our core “foundations.”

He is faithful to reveal to us, these places

that could hinder us from living and walking in freedom.

Because He has set us on the path to be(coming)…

healed and set free…

in these deepest parts

of who He has designed us to be.

So let Him press “pause” for a moment…

Let Him rescue you from “the spinning out of control”…

Let Him take you back into the safety of His shelter…

And let Him do the work that only His love can do. 💖

Let Him calm the storms in your mind…

Let Him soothe your heart in His grace and in His love.

It’s okay to be in “this place” with Him.

For in these seasons,

He is teaching us how

to abide

and to rest

within the shadow of His wings…

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”—Psalm 91:1

And I hear Him say…

“Wait… pause… let Me mend these places of your broken heart. Once hidden—but now in the safety of My loving light. Walk closely with Me, do not attempt to run ahead; do not worry about falling behind. Together, here in this place, I will heal these places of your heart, I give you a firm foundation… a foundation that will set you up to build with Me, with a healed heart that will flourish and grow…”

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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