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3.12.2021 – What does it really mean to make “progress” in the “process?”

I don’t know about you

but I don’t like the part of the “process

where I don’t get to SEE a lot of “progress“…

But I also know…

that things aren’t always the way we sometimes perceive them to be.

“It’s different than you think.”

We LOVE to see the “progress” don’t we?

It’s encouraging when we can see it.

But I have a feeling that often times,

God is really doing far more in seasons of stillness

seasons of waiting

seasons of recovery

seasons of learning how to respond

…in rest… 🍃

…than we realize.

And I don’t know about you

but sometimes I find myself getting a little antsy—or frustrated with myself—discouraged about the current status of the situation…

When I cannot “see” the “progress“…

I find myself wanting to “do something” to “work a little harder”

just so I can make some sort of “progress” that I can see on the surface.

Just so that I can feel a sense of “peace”…

Just so that I can feel encouraged about where I am.

Just so that I’ll feel “okay” about the current status of the situation.

Just to feel “okay” about where I am in the “process” of “making progress”…

For example, sometimes I’ll look at the current state of our “unfinished, and in-process” home—we’re in the middle of renovations. And at times I’ll get so frustrated about it not being “finished” and “completed” or at least “just so-so” —the way I’d like it to be.

And at times, I’ll go into this feeling of,

“I….can‘t…. stand….it…. I’ve got to do SOMETHING—right now.”

Just “something“—”anything”—no matter how “temporary or surface level” it may be that I can do right there, on my own, in that moment.

Just “something” that will allow me to SEE some kind of “progress” because I think I need to SEE it in order to have peace, in order to be content about where I am in the “process.”

But is all of that frustration, and frenzy, and striving, and freak-out really worth it?

Is it really worth that kind of “compulsion” to “fix something—some piece of the problem—RIGHT NOW?”

But what if…

there is something so much more that we gain

in the times we cannot “see” the progress happening

in the times that He’s teaching us to

“just be still”—”in the midst of”

…because in this “process”— we’re learning to trust, and we’re learn to rest in God’s love so that we can receive the true peace that He has promised, and a soundness of mind.

(Rather than me chasing a “false peace” from “doing something” that will really get me no where.)

Could this be a lesson…

in learning that I can “be okay“—I can be “at peace” about this “current situation”

even when things aren’t going the way I would like to see them “progressing?”

Even when I do “nothing” that would attempt to fix the problem in that moment.

And what if…

where I am, right here, right now

is “progressing” me—exactly the way God wants to “progress me”…

So much further, and so much deeperfoundationally

Than I can see

and perceive

and know

and understand right now in this moment?

And what if…

the “rest” that I am learning

is preparing me—rejuvenating me, strengthening me, positioning me

for the next steps that I’ll need to take

in the “process” of my journey?

What if

there is something MORE that God has for me

in the “lack of understanding”

that He wants me to gain in this time

than in reaching the “understanding” that I so desperately seek?

God’s ways are higher than our ways. 🙌

Things usually aren‘t… as they seem on the surface.

And I’m learning…

that as I learn to be still, as I’m learning what it truly means to rest in Him when He leads me into these kinds of times, as I wait upon Him, as I learn these deep things from Him…

It may not feel like I am “doing enough” to be making the “progress” I would like to see…

but God is doing a deeper work that goes far deeper than I can see.

He’s doing a deeper work in the deepest places of who I am…

This IS progress.

I am safe, in His hands.

Thank You, Father. 💝 How You keep me still, when I need to learn how to be still… when I need to learn how to be calm in Your love. I may struggle through it at first, but Father—I know… that these are the deeper lessons that I need to learn, these these are important to You, because You know what our hearts truly need. And You know what I need, in order to be able to make “progress” in my “process”…. in order to take my steps in the journey that I’m taking with You. Thank You for leading me into more abundant life, in the most “unexpected kinds of ways.”

“The LORD your God is among you; He is mighty to save. He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you with His love; He will rejoice over you with singing.”—Zephaniah 3:17

-Heather 🌺

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