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3.14.2021 – Kaleidoscope of Color

Do you ever notice…

the feeling

when a place within your heart is so touched—

and tears (the most renewing, refreshing kind) begin to flow, from “up and out” of this place…

And you can feel where the Lord used

a person

a situation

a word

a kind gesture

loving compassion

And then it sinks in

And it hits you in the most beautiful, refreshing way.

Perhaps it hits, a little later, as you’re reflecting on the day.

Or perhaps it hits, in the moment, catching you off guard in the best kind of way.

And in these moments, we know—we can feel that our hearts have been reached somewhere that is deep

Some place in the heart,

that so deeply needed to be reached.

Some place in the heart,

that so desperately needed to experience







And from this place, from this moment of “sinking in”…

That thing that just happened in your heart that you feel…

…begins to flow up and into your emotions.

He’s touching your heart.

He’s letting His goodness, and the experience of His tender-loving kindness

sink into the broken




wounded places of your heart.

And He’s soothing and He’s mending

and He’s renovating

and He’s creating something fresh and new

He’s making His love—more real to you.

Through experience after experience

layer upon layer

in multi-faced ways

day after day after day

And all of these “multicolored” experiences of His love

are sinking into the cracks and broken places of our hearts…

And He’s creating

a vibrant kaleidoscope of vivid color. 💖🌈

Image from Adobe Spark

All of these “multi-colored” experiences—God’s people allowing Him to live and love through their hearts— becomes a “kaleidoscopic rainbow of color” infusing into these broken places

the healing transformation of His love…

And what was once a dull, colorless, heart of stone…

has now begun to come to life!

A heart that is now bursting with color. 💖🌈☀️

And what has come to life,

will now begin to flourish and grow. 💖💐

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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