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3.17.2021 – Change is in the Air

I feel like there is so much changing right now…

Things are always changing, but this feels like an intensified, rapid kind of change…

Change always makes me feel uncomfortable.

But without change, how else would we go from the old

into the new?

…Without God using change to nudge us forward?

And just like the feeling of change in the air…

I see “change” in the ground, in the trees, I see the animals are waking up, the earth is stirring and waking…

Oh Father, what are YOU stirring up right now?

And what are YOU causing to settle down?

What is on Your heart for this new season?

I’m sensing a change, even in the area of my writings…

And I don’t know exactly what God is leading me into that’s going to be different—I don’t know exactly what’s next, I don’t know exactly what kind of change I’m going to be stepping into…

But I’m readying myself for the change.

Because I want to stay right beside my Heavenly Father, to remain in-step with His perfect pace.

Change can be scary, because change is different than what we’re used to.

Change can be scary, because change is outside of what is “normal” to us.

I often want to cling to what I know, what I’m most familiar with…

But we can be sure

that He knows what He’s doing,

when He takes us out of something stale and “old”

and into

something fresh and “new.”

He loves me too much, to allow me to remain stuck in the “old.”

And when He’s by my side, I don’t need to fear change.

He knows what is needed. He knows what is good.

He knows what we need to learn to let go of, in order to grow into the new.

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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