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Simplifying the Story

Do you tend to start with “simple” and expand into the details, only if they are necessary?

Or do you start with an explosion of every. single. detail… zeroing in on every part of the story you can possibly see in your mind?

I tend to gravitate toward the details.

And I often find myself needing to “simply, simply, simplify”—or else I’ll get lost, overwhelmed.

And I have to work towards “simplifying” so that I am able to see “the bigger picture.”

So that I am able to grasp the “moral of the story”…

This morning, I’ve been working through a dream I had last night.

And sometimes I find it so challenging to “let go” of the details, to let them fall away so that I can reduce the dream to it’s simplest form.

It’s great to record the details, to make note of them…yes, the details can be important, they can take us deeper.

But I’ve found, and I’m learning… that too many “details” can distract me from being able to see the “main thing.”

The pure, and simple, “message of the story.”

And when it comes to looking at dreams, when it comes to “life”… I often find myself needing to work through “letting go” of the details, sometimes looking beyond them—the details that can hang me up, the things that really aren’t as necessary and important as I initially make them out to be.

These “details” that can actually hinder me from seeing and grasping the “main thing” I really need to know and realize in my heart.

And it amazes me how God is so complex—beyond anything we can conceive…

And yet…

He loves to keep things simple for us. 🌱☀️

He doesn’t want us to loose sight and miss the “main thing”…

He wants us grasp the lesson of the story. 💖

And I love that about Him. 💝

Thank You, Father. 💝 Thank You for these life lessons. 🌈 You don’t want me to miss anything You want me to be able to see and know and grasp in my heart, and You’re always bringing me back to what truly matters. I’m learning…I’m growing…one lesson at a time.

-Heather 🌺

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