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Into the Deep

Have you ever felt as though…

you’ve found yourself

in a “shallow” kind of place?

—a place without much feeling or depth.

I found myself in that place this morning.

But then suddenly

it was as if the Lord took me by the hand

and, caught me off guard

with the most tender kind of “tug”

into the “deep”…

—a sense of “depth” that I suddenly felt within the deepest places of my heart.

He pulled me into a deep, deep place

within my heart.

And I felt…

a sense of yearning

and a knowing of belonging in this place of His love…

And tears of relief and refreshment came

as I leaned into this place

with Him.

And in a moment

He invited me

from the “shallow”

and into

the “deep”…

It’s the place where He writes upon our hearts.

It’s the place where He mends

the broken places,

that we didn’t even realize were broken.

Have you found yourself in the “shallow” this morning?

Oh, take His hand,

and allow Him

to take you into the “deep” with Him.

When He takes you there…

you may have NO IDEA what just took place in your heart.

…And that’s okay. 💖

He knows exactly what we need.

And sometimes,

there are just no words that can possibly explain. 💖

Thank You, Lord. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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