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“Write upon my heart, Lord. I trust You with Your pen.”

There is a moment

…when we “break open” before the Lord…

Sometimes it takes a little time…

and sometimes we open right up as we come into His presence.

But as we “break open” before Him…

in that moment

we may not know

or have any idea

what He might desire to do in our hearts.

We may not have any idea

what will “sink into” our hearts,

what we might receive

from His heart

in these sometimes “kind-of-like”…”open heart surgery” kinds of moments…

But we can know

that He knows exactly what we need.

He has on His heart, what He longs to do within our hearts…

And sometimes

He surprises us. ✨🎊

Sometimes He catches us off guard with His goodness, with His words.

Sometimes He sweeps us off our feet with the “unexpected”…

The “unknown” and the “uncertain” can be scary…

…but we can KNOW that He has GOOD things on His heart,

for our hearts.

He has a GOOD work in store for us.

And He knows what we truly need…











We never have to fear…

“breaking open” before Him.

“Write upon my heart, Lord. I trust You with Your pen.” 💗✨✍🏻

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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