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The Healing Journey

It’s been 8 years since I first dared to ask the Lord if He would heal me…

I’ve dealt with an autoimmune condition since I was 11 years old.

Eight years since I started believing, not only that He could, and that He DOES still heal supernaturally, but also that He desires for me to be whole and healed, and that “healing” is there for me—yes, “even me.”

But all of this has turned into something much different than I would have expected from the beginning of these last 8 years…

For some reason, since I began seeking prayer for physical healing, almost every time, the prayers would be for something much, much deeper than just a simple, physical healing.

And I’ve realized… that He’s led me into this “journey”— not because He doesn’t want me to be healed of this physical condition, but because He DOES want to heal me—through and through.

He wants to—and IS “healing” me in ways, I never knew I needed healing.

But He knew. ☀️

Many times we think we know what we need.

And we don’t really know…

But He does. 💝

Oh how He does. ✍🏻☀️

Why does God choose a “journey” for us sometimes, in certain areas of our lives?

When He could do the impossible, instantly?

Well, I don’t know…

but I do know…

that there are things He’s wanting to do

within the “journey”…

There are “treasures” waiting for us to find.

There are things He’s wanting to take us through

that only a “journey” with Him, will do.

And if we “zoom out” a little bit…

If we “pan out” and “up”

and learn to see

from His higher view…

Perhaps we’ll be able to see

that through the “journey”…

He’s taking us higher,

He’s growing us deeper,

He’s taking us into places within our lives,

where we’ll get to experience “healing”—where we’ll get to experience HIM in ways…

that we never would have dreamed

had we not stepped into the “journey” with Him.

And no matter how hard….

No matter how disappointing

No matter how painful the journey might be at times…


we’ll find ourselves in a place

of not wanting to trade these experienceswith Him

for anything. 💖🌷

He wants to heal us through and through.

But His ways are higher than our ways.

There is far more happening in and through our lives than we can SEE.

And the “journey” with Him—the “healing journey”…

is worth every. single. step.

and worth every. single. “moment by moment.”

Thank You, Father. 💝 I don’t need to understand every little thing, I don’t need to fret over all the “reasons why” or “why not.” I trust You. And I know that You are working, I know that You are moving. You are writing upon my heart in ways I cannot see yet. I know that You love me, and You are leading me in this “journey” with You. And that’s all I need to know. 🌈

-Heather 🌺

2 thoughts on “The Healing Journey

  1. What a blessing it is for me to read this today. I to suffer from autoimmune and it gets really bad. My mother thinks I need more faith. She thinks if I had more faith I’d be healed. It makes me feel awful. I’m so much more intuned with God because of my illness. I’ve learned so much ! I definitely believe God is in the miracle business, and He will heal me in time.

    God bless you Heather ✝️
    Your words truly inspire.

    1. Amen, friend! Faith is a gift to us from God. We just have to trust Him when we do not understand. I’m so thankful that He’s always near, and that He’s always moving in our midst! Bless you, Nikki, keeping hanging in there. – Heather ☀️

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