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…and He draws me back into “right here, right now”…

Good Morning, Heavenly Father…

I come to You…

And I open my heart before You. ❤️☀️

Oh these swirling thoughts and memories

This ruminating

Sometimes it gets so out of hand.

Sometimes it gets so out of control.

…But You pull me back into

“right now.”

You draw me away from my worries

my concerns

over “the future”…

You draw me out of

my ruminating thoughts

over “the past”…

And You bring me back


“right here

right now”

with You. 💝

The life that You designed me to LIVE

“right here, and right now.”

You remind me of what matters most

You remind me

that I can do far more

about “my future” and “my past”

by simply keeping my focus on You

by simply trusting You

“right here, and right now.” 💖

…and You have taken care of “my future”

and “my past”….

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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