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Just around the corner…

I am in an interesting place within the season I’m in.

And it FEELS like this season may be nearing the end…

There is a sense of…

“…it feels like something new and different is just around the corner… but I have no idea what it looks like—I don’t know what it could be, exactly…because I’m still on this side of the corner, and whatever is ahead seems to be around the other side of the corner…and I can’t see it yet…but I can feel it coming…”

Have you ever found yourself in this place?

I’m also nearing the end of my current journal, which often represents different “seasons” in my life.

I only have a few pages left—in both my regular journal and in my dream journal.

And right now, it kind of feels like…

“…getting to the place of letting go of the old, so that I can reach wholeheartedly—with both of my arms, for the new.”

And lately it feels like God is “undoing my fingers” that so tightly “grip onto” what’s familiar, what I’m used to…

And He’s leading me, and preparing me, and helping me to let go, finger by finger

I’m not even exactly sure of what I’m letting go of just yet! But I know that I’ll have to “let go” of the “old” so I can fully grasp hold of the “new.”

Have you ever seen this picture floating around on social media? It’s what came to mind this morning as I was writing up this post…

Father, I know that You are doing something—I can feel it. I can feel You drawing me into something unfamiliar and new. And I’m expectant of what You’re wanting to do—the GOOD thing that You’re leading me into.

I may not be able to SEE it right now, but I know

that You’re orchestrating my path,

I know that You’re preparing my heart,

I know that You’re making the way into the new.

…and I’m watching, expectantly,

for it to unfold

I am doing something brand new, something unheard of.
    Even now it sprouts and grows and matures.
    Don’t you perceive it?

    I will make a way in the wilderness
    and open up flowing streams in the desert.
20 Wild beasts, jackals, and owls will glorify me.
    For I supply streams of water in the desert
    and rivers in the wilderness
    to satisfy the thirst of my people, my chosen ones,
21 so that you, whom I have shaped and formed for myself,
    will proclaim my praise.
“—Isaiah 43:19-21 TPT

Thank You, Lord. 💝 I’m trusting You, to lead me into the new.

-Heather 🌺

1 thought on “Just around the corner…

  1. I love the way you write with such a passion for God and a fearlessness to be so real about your life! I feel like I’ve grown so much closer to God right along beside you. God has spoken to me so many times through this devotion!!! I always look forward to reading it each morning. God bless you on your journey with our Lord!🙏🏽✝️♥️🇺🇸✝️🙏🏽✝️🇺🇸♥️

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