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9.28.2021 – “Poetry”

Have you ever noticed when—

….every now and then

a song seems to really strike something deep inside of you?

And you feel it…

I came across a song yesterday,

and it hit me this way.

Thought perhaps I should share it on here today. 🎶☀️

It’s called, “Poetry” by Taylor Leonhardt. What a sweet, sweet treasure! 💝


Isn’t it so hard for most of us / to find the kind of patience that will trust / the slow steady work of God beneath the surface / every moment working for our good / Cause under all the snow is something green / hiding in the winter is a spring / I know it will take the barren field of heartbreak / a little time for a new rain to fall / I will not hang my head / His banner is over me / He said I am his poetry / He won’t waste a word /I’m gonna wait / wait on the Lord / Surely I’ve been wrong along the way but I will not be called by my mistakes / He calls me his friend / When all I see’s where I’ve been I hear him tell me where I am going / CHORUS / There’s no wound that he cannot heal / No child too far gone / I’m the clay on his spinning wheel / He knows what I’ll become / CHORUS

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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