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10.9.2021 – Playing Favorites?

Have you ever felt like the “black sheep” in some area or season of your life?

Have you ever felt like you were…

The “outcast“?

The one who is deemed “unlikely”?

The one who is often “picked last“?

It can be easy to believe that this is how God looks at us too.

…but—not so fast... 💝

I want to remind you of this truth today:

God is so BIG,

and He is SO perfect

that He doesn’t “play favorites”as we humans so often do.

“For God does not show favoritism.”—Romans 2:11

“For the LORD your God is the God of all gods, the LORD of all lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who does not show favoritism or take bribes.”—Deuteronomy 10:17

“Then Peter began to speak: “I now truly understand that God does not show favoritism…”—Acts 10:34

Favoritism Forbidden

My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him? But you have dishonored the poor. Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court? Are they not the ones who are blaspheming the noble name of him to whom you belong?

If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers. 10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. 11 For he who said, “You shall not commit adultery,” also said, “You shall not murder.” If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.

12 Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” (James 2:1-13)


…it’s so easy to overlook this! I say it because I surely have!

And in many ways, we cannot even comprehend not even accidentally doing this at times.

But we must remember that HIS WAYS are HIGHER!

There is nothing, no one— by which He can be compared to! (Isaiah 46:5)

For we have all fallen short, haven’t we? (Romans 3:23)

But in this…we see a distinction as we look at Him. ☀️

We can see the beauty of His perfect, abundant love, and the supremacy of His greatness. 💝

I have noticed and experienced different kinds of deception related to “favoritism”…

There is a lie that says,

“…they (or I) must be a special favorite of God.”

and another lie that says,

“…I don’t feel seen, or wanted, or loved by God…He must not love me or want me as much as He does ‘them’…”

…but God wants to clear those lies away… 📖🍃

…But I imagine a table of God’s children…

and each Child of God has a chair…

—a chair that has been prepared

uniquely for them there.

Every seat, every chair has been placed,

a chair for each and every Child called His

…for every Child of God, in Christ, is loved perfectly,

and completely by Him. 💝

And not one has been forgotten,

not one means “less” to Him,

…not one seat is far away…

For every Child of God, in Christ,

is precious to Him in every way.

In each and every Child who belongs to Him,

He takes great delight. 💝

Each one, He has called by name,

and placed their “name card” at every chair…

For every Child of God

is wanted,

…every Child of God


every Child of God,

has a “place setting” there.

Yes, He has a seat just for you

an invitation to join Him at His table…

…just waiting for you there. 💝

“And people will come from east and west, and from north and south, and they will sit down [and feast at the table] in the kingdom of God.”—Luke 13:29

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”—Song of Songs 2:4

Thank You, Father. 💝 How You remind us, that Your way is HIGHER, and Your love is GREATER than anything we could possibly imagine. 🎊 No one compares to You! But God, You teach us, in Christ, YOU make us able… to love and to see others… more like You do. And Father, thank You for inviting us, for calling us each by name, to come and to feast with You, and to be with You, at Your table.

-Heather 🌺

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