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11.8.2021 – God totally wrecked me this morning through a dream…

God totally wrecked me this morning through a dream… 💖😭

Has that ever happened to you?

Let me back up a little bit…so that I can paint a little more of the background picture in for you.

Last night I went to sleep with some things weighing on my heart.

I hadn’t talked with God about these things yet, but I did have an awareness that He was aware.

I planned to talk with Him in the morning, as I usually do.

You see, sometimes I face tremendous insecurity.

And I get frustrated with my weaknesses, the areas where I feel I’m not so strong, where I feel that I lack…

To be completely honest and transparent, in my weak moments, I think I would be very quick to trade the “giftings or abilities” that God has given me—with qualities or giftings that I see in others that I admire.

“God, I could do so much more for You if I were ‘this way’ or ‘that way’… then I could really make You proud, God…”

Ugh, no!

But I know… that when I slip into this frame of mind, I’m not seeing and perceiving correctly.

I know that I’m not seeing as God sees, because it doesn’t line up with His Word, and I know what His Word says is true.

And I know that it’s time to press into Him, into His Word, in order to overcome these lies of insecurity.

That I might keep walking

in who He has very specifically created me to be, into who I am to be(come) and grow into.

This battle with insecurity is one I didn’t choose, but it’s one that I must face.

Well, this morning I awoke from a dream…

and as I recorded the dream in my journal,

the interpretation began to unfold…

The meaning, and the heart of the dream began to come into view. 🌈

And as it did, the tears just began flowing as it suddenly hit me, that God was speaking directly to what had been on my heart. 💔

In this dream, I was in a clothing store. I had found 3 pieces of clothing, one specifically that I was able to recall, was a beautiful, pastel green sweater—very soft, like cashmere. I made it to the checkout line, when I began second-guessing these pieces of clothing. In fact, I had almost made up my mind to give them back to the cashier instead of getting them…but in the dream, about this time, a symbolic representation of my “Heavenly Father” walked up to me and told me that he thought these pieces of clothing would be perfect for me, they would be beautiful, and just right, and he encouraged me to get them… then I woke up.

And when the interpretation came, when I saw it, it wrecked me… 💖

Because in that moment, I knew… that God designed this dream just for me.

Because He knew what was on my heart.

He knew where I was, He knew what I was facing, and He desired to speak to me, heart-to-heart, through a dream.

“Dreams are designed by God… for you.”—John Paul Jackson

“Clothing” in a dream can biblically represent “something you are doing/or will do” or “ability” or “a gifting” that God wants to “clothe” you to do. In come cases, we can also look at “clothing” as a “covering” especially when we see white clothing, which can represent being clothed in the “righteousness of Christ.”

When we see that the clothing is a major part of the dream, we can dig into a deeper understanding of what God wants us to see, as we look into the details of the clothing, or the condition of the kind of clothing we have within a dream.💖 Take a look at all of the bible passages that talk about “garments” or being “clothed” and the context of these scriptures.

Speaking of dreams, you may have heard of “bathroom dreams” that so many of us can have. Often times, a “bathroom dream” can speak of a need for “detox, getting things out of our system, inner cleansing/inner healing.”

I have to say, some of the bathroom dreams that I have had have been very “public bathroom stalls”… haha but in the dream I am not freaking out about it. I am okay, even though I am using the bathroom in a very public place. This can mean that people will “see my process.” And I am learning to be okay with that, because I know what God can do through transparency.

Have you had a dream from God that just wrecked you in the most beautiful way? I would love to hear about it.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for caring about the condition of our hearts! For caring… to speak into us, who we have been designed to be, that we might walk within Your plan and Your purpose. Your ways are higher than our ways. And I am always amazed and overcome… by Your tender lovingkindness.

-Heather 🌺

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