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11.8.2021 – He Simplifies Me

In this journey, I have found that sometimes I need to ask myself…

“What is driving me?”

Is it fear?

Is anxiety driving me to “dig, dig, dig”….

…in attempt to, “figure it out, figure it out, figure it out“?

Is it a desire for “perfection“?

For things to be just comfortably “so-so”?

Am I getting lost in my mind?

Am I getting lost in the details?

Over the last year or so, I have discovered that I sometimes slip into an obsessive-compulsive way of thinking.

I didn’t realize it until I hit a wall last year and spiraled into a mental breakdown.

You see, I always had the idea that OCD was about “cleanliness, checking, and perfect order.”

And it can be… but I realized and learned that there is more to it than that.

The OCD mindset had me fooled for a long time, and it was driving some of my actions, until it all finally came into the light last year.

And I’m so thankful that it did.

Because I needed to be more aware of what was really driving me.

(And honestly sometimes, I can even get lost in “checking within” obsessively, which is not healthy either!)

It’s easy for me to want to “figure it out, figure it out, figure it out”.

It’s easy for me to get in too deep.

It’s easy for me to become double-minded.

It’s easy for me to dive into a time-wasting rabbit hole.

It’s easy for me to get hung up on the details and completely miss the bigger picture.

Paying attention to detail is good, but when it blinds us from being able to see the bigger picture, it can hinder more than it helps.

Being consumed by the thoughts in my mind is not healthy.

Obsession over detail is not healthy.

It doesn’t result in having a healthy mind, a sound mind…

In fact, the patterns of obsession and compulsion can result in “torment” and not freedom and LIFE.

Here is an example…

I love learning about, and exploring the depths of the prophetic.

Symbols, mysteries, looking at patterns

But when I find myself obsessing over these things, I know now, that I’m starting to get off-track.

I know that the details are starting to become a distraction, a hindrance.

I know that I’m losing my focus on the bigger picture, the main thing.

I love learning about symbols and the meaning of symbols in dreams, I LOVE it.

And when it comes to dreams, getting lost in the details can often result in missing the correct interpretation of the dream. And guess what my hurdle with learning to interpret dreams has been? Getting hung up on the details. 😊

But do you know what I have noticed about the way God tends to teach me things?

He makes it simple. He makes it “easier and lighter” than I expect.

He often surprises me with “simplicity”…

He takes me from “complicated” to “simplified”.

And boy, am I relieved when He does.

Because, it’s that sense of, “….oh….. it was really so simple all along! How did I miss it?” 😌

When I am trying “too hard” to “figure things out” I often find, that the “answer” is usually so much simpler than I expected it to be.

Is God complex?

Yes. More than we know.

But He often makes it so simple for us. 🌷 And I love that about Him.

Like a breath of fresh air….He blows all of the distractions away so that we can see what we really need to see—what really, truly matters.

So thank You, Father…

for “simplifying” things…

…when I get in too deep, when I get distracted by the details.

Thank You, Father, for making it so simple for me. 💖

You don’t want the details to distract me from what really, truly matters most of all to You.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for leading me in Your way…

…a way that leads me into freedom, and more abundant LIFE!

-Heather 🌺

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