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12.4.2021 – Another donkey update…

I felt it was time to share another donkey update… 😁

If you read on here a week or so ago, then you probably know that we’ve decided to bring a couple of young, miniature donkeys here to live on our farm (yes—hard for me to believe, but I would say that we are officially going to be a farm now). 👩🏻‍🌾 👨🏻‍🌾

So we went and visited with our girl donkey (or jenny) yesterday, and bonded with her for the first time.

It takes some time for a donkey to warm up to a new person, so we wanted to start bonding while they’re young.

This girl is about a month or so older than the boy donkey (or jack) that we’re going to get.

The owner said that she’s pretty shy right now, but she’s pretty chill and cooperative.

It’s going to take some time working with her to bring out her personality, I think.

It’s going to take some time, but she is worth it.

Here are some from our second visit with our boy…

Our girl will probably come to live with us in another week or two, and our boy will need to wait until he’s ready to be away from his momma around the first part of Jan/end of December.

The thing about donkeys, from what I am reading, is…

they aren’t as much “stubborn”

as they are simply learning to trust.

I love that.

I can so relate to that.

They are quietly learning, deciding… whether it is safe or not, and whether or not they can trust.

Learning to trust…

…and I feel like that is, and has been my journey with God. 💗

I’m learning to trust Him.

Situation by situation,

challenge by challenge,

fear by fear that I face with Him…

I’m learning and growing in trusting Him.

Father, Thank You for this patient journey You. 💝🍃

-Heather 🌺

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