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12.10.2021 – Learning to be Led

Have you ever just automatically “drawn a line” about something that you’re not completely sure about?

“Let’s just decide about this thing right now, I’m not completely sure about this thing, but I’d rather just draw a protective line than face my questions and uncertainty about it.”

So you draw a line, you toss it away, you disregard it because it feels safer than the alternative.

What’s the alternative?

Maybe it’s facing this uncertainty,

that specific question,

that seemingly grey area

and asking the Holy Spirit what He thinks about it. 🍃

It means digging into the Word for myself, along with the Holy Spirit, knowing that He desires to guide me into truth.

It means taking the time to ask Him, rather than assume it’s just best to “draw that safety line.”

Don’t get me wrong, many times, drawing that line is wisdom.

Many times, drawing that line can be God protecting us, because the bible is very clear about certain things.

When we seek the Lord about something, the area might at first feel like a grey area, and then when we seek the Word for clarity, or we seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and leading, He’ll bring the clarity that will make it clear for us to see, and to know.

He’ll bring the confirmation,

He’ll bring the clarity,

He’ll bring the peace.

And yes, He might go ahead and draw that line for us.

But isn’t it better, to let Him draw it, if it should need to be drawn, rather than doing it myself, merely out of fear or “self-protection”?

Can you tell that I’m still processing through this? Because I am.

And do you know that it’s okay to be in process?

It’s okay to think through things with the Lord.

It’s okay to ask Him what He thinks, to seek His Word, to seek His Spirit about things…

when it might seem easier “just to draw the line, keep it away, and not take the time that it sometimes takes to seek God about it specifically.”

But if I choose that way…

am I going to be in the place where I can truly learn— how to seek the Lord about all the specific things in life, the things that maybe aren’t so clearly “spelled out” in the bible?

Or perhaps they are clear, but it’s just not completely clear to me just yet.

Don’t you think the Holy Spirit would want to lead us into the truth?

That’s what He does! He leads and guides us into truth. He gives revelation. He gives us sight to see in His light. 💡

Can I learn to trust Him to show me what I need to know?

Am I willing to learn to trust Him to guide me through my life?

Rather than me just trying to safely do it myself?

Am I willing, to take the time, and to take the “risk” of sometimes making mistakes as I learn to seek the Holy Spirit in all things that I come to in my path?

Am I willing, to learn how to recognize Him, to learn when I’m hearing Him?

Because He designed us to be able to hear Him. 💝

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”—John 10:27-28

Am I willing to go on the adventure with Him, of learning how He guides, and how He speaks to me?

Then I’ve got to be willing to face these things with Him, and He will teach me how to be led.

And I’m realizing that takes maturity.

I’m realizing that it’s going to take kicking fear to the curb, in order to look at these questions or “grey areas” that I have, or will have, before the Lord.

Trading fear for faith… faith that He will teach me, faith that He will lead me, and faith that He will guide me into His truth.

I just have to be willing to let Him teach me in the way that He desires to.

And sometimes, for those of us who attempt to always do things “just right” because “if it’s not going to be done just perfectly right, why try, why risk messing up, why risk the danger…?”

Learning can be messy,

but sometimes

making mistakes, “trial and error” —helps us to learn best.

But we must remember…

that He doesn’t need much to work with. 💓

We don’t need any “special qualifications” other than simply belonging to Him.

He just needs our willingness— humble, teachable hearts.

And He will teach us, He will guide us.

God knew that we would desperately need Him in all that we do, all that we face, all that we run into.

That’s a big part of why He’s here with us, and within us, here in the earth, right?

And so the next time my “default” is to quickly, and safely just “draw a protective line”…

what if instead, I take the time…

to simply ask the Holy Spirit what He thinks about it?

What if I ask Him to reveal His truth to me in His Word?

What if I ask Him to teach me how to know how He feels about it?

That I would learn to recognize and be led of His peace,

or the lack thereof…

It’s a valuable lesson that we so desperately need as we live life in this world.

Note to Self: I don’t have to be so afraid of facing the things I don’t have all the answers to.

He will lead me by His Spirit. I can find rest in this promise.

And He wants to teach us, to have deeper relationship with us.

And He walks with us step-by-step—that’s how He designed this life to be.

Thank You, Father. 💝

Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to lead us into what is true, thank You for teaching us, how to trust and follow You.

-Heather 🌺

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