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12.15.2021 – “God, will You prepare my heart for this day…”

Heavenly Father,

I sense that You are preparing my heart for this day…

Ready my heart, God…

that I might show compassion

that I might shine with Your pure light.

Align my heart with Yours today,

make me sensitive to the leading of Your Spirit.

I know that You will show me the way,

and the words that I should, or should not say…

May the people that You bring into my path today

…run into You.

…that they might be left

never the same,

because of encountering You. ☀️

God… sometimes it is an overwhelming thing

to think…

that You desire to do Your work,

even though me

Because I don’t feel qualified…

but let Your will be done, God.

Help me to clearly see, with ease

…the assignments

that You have prepared for me.

I want to represent You well, Lord Jesus.

Thank You for the grace

that You freely give to me.

In the name of Jesus, I pray,


-Heather 🌺

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