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12.16.2021 – Watch for Glimpses

I love the way God uses the “things of life”

that we can compare and contrast…

…these real-life “parables” that He uses

to give us deeper understanding.

A few years ago, the Lord led me to search into the ‘meaning’ of my name.

And one of the things I felt like He showed me,

was that just like my name,


I was named that for a reason, and He has created and designed me to be His “flower”…

He showed me that He is, and has been cultivating my life, and my growth process. 🌷

I’m thankful that He helps me to understand.

I’m thankful that He helps me to understand, in a deeper way—even through the smallest, simplest things of life.

And just as He cultivates a “flower” for good growth, and for beauty and purpose…

He knows exactly what I need

to be able to grow.

He knows the conditions

that I need to live through…

that I might be able to survive,

flourish, and thrive

…and keep growing.

And you might could call it silly,

you may laugh, and say it’s “cheesy”…

and I might even have to agree… 😌

But it’s okay with me. 💖

I write all of this, to say…

look for these things,

watch expectantly for these things in your life…

He is speaking,

He is revealing,

He is teaching

…so personally, so intimately

and in more ways—

than we may realize.

And these moments that we get to catch a “glimpse”

of what He’s speaking…

the revelation that He is revealing…

are some of the sweetest, most tender times with Him. 💝

We must keep our eyes open,

we must keep our eyes healthy…

Because He wants to show us,

and He’s giving us glimpses

that we might see

just how much He loves and cherishes us.

And He wants you to know,

He wants you to grow into…the one that He has designed you to be(come). 🌱🌷🌺✨☀️🌦🌨

And it’s such a beautiful thing—this process, this LIFE…

…of growing in Him. 💗✨

Thank You, Heavenly Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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