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12.20.2021 – Meet “Flower” the Donkey

Well, she’s here! Our first donkey…

Meet “Flower” the donkey. 🌸

She’s a 6 or 7 month old miniature donkey, and I completely adore her! 🥰

We have been in crunch-time mode to get her fence done over the last couple of weeks, and the day before she came we put up a little barn shelter for her, and now she’s finally here!

I have to say, I’m quite surprised at how quickly she has been able to bond with me! I had in my head that it might take some time even for her to let me handle her, put the halter on her, lead her, get close to her…

Day 2 is when her sweet, silly personality started coming out a little more.

I am learning that donkeys are sweet and silly, and SO playful!

She’s a bit lonely, and on the playful side because she had to leave her donkey family when she came to live with us, but we are bringing another donkey to live here in another couple of weeks.

You know, I am realizing…

I have so much to learn on how to train, how to work with donkeys to shape behavior, how to grow in relationship with with them so that they will fully trust me…

And I can see, that there are going to be many good things for me to learn and to gain in this process, as I learn how to work with her.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I know that it will take lot of patience too. ☀️

-Heather 🌺

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