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1.5.2022 – Resting in the Lightness of the Yoke of Christ

Do you ever find your self wrapped up in a heavy, overbearing, obsessive or worrisome kind of “pressure“?

“I’ve got to figure this out. Right now.”

“I’ve got to make this happen.”

“…And why isn’t this happening?”

“I’ve got to figure this out…”

And you stop and take a look at the fruit,

you look at what’s coming forth…

and you realize

it’s not joy and peace,

it’s not a sound mind…

No, it’s frustration, it’s pressure, it’s fretfulness.

Sometimes I find myself in this place,

and then God helps me to realize what’s happening.

I think of this passage…

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”—Matthew 11:29-30 Berean Study Bible

28 “Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.29 Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me.30 For all that I require of you will be pleasant and easy to bear.”—Matthew 11:28-30 TPT

I’m thankful that His way is light.

I am thankful that His way leads to LIFE.

I am thankful

that He leads me into His way of life,

when I get tangled up in striving,

in the “should be’s”

…and the heavy pressures of life.

NOTHING is too hard for Him.

I don’t have to be afraid of being weak…

because He is strong, in me!

I wanted to share this song by Salt of Sound this morning,

“When I sit at your feet
And I turn my face
When I rest here in the shadow of your wings
Hold me close to you
So I hear your voice”

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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