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1.12.2022 – Trusting Him in the Ebbs and Flows of Life

“…write about exactly where you are.”

So where am I?

Well, there are some days when the words seem to flow, and flow, and overflow onto this page…

…and there are other days–or what can feel like mini “seasons”…

where the flow seems to be dried out.

It’s the ebb.

The words don’t seem to burst onto the page as I’m often used to.

And honestly, that’s where I’m finding myself right now.

But God always helps me to navigate through

these ebbs and flows…

And it’s tempting to be overly concerned, or to worry or fret while in this kind of place…

“Oh no, God…. what is going on? Where are the words? Where’s the inspiration that I’m so familiar with? Where is that feeling in my heart? Did I do something to cause this, Lord? Are You changing things around?”

But God is teaching me, He is reminding me

that He always helps me to navigate through…

Through the concern,

through the what ifs

through the wonderings

through the dryness

through what seems like “lack”…

He leads me through the ebb

and through the flow

And there’s always a lesson to be learned

in whatever kind of season I find myself in.

This morning, as I came to Him about all of this,

my thoughts, my feelings, my wonderings

He reminded me, so simply

“…write about where you are…”

“Okay, God. I’ll do it, even though I don’t like that I’m here in this place right now.”

He always seems to make it so surprisingly easy

I must be be willing to take an honest look at where I find myself standing, even if it scares me a little bit.

I can face anything with Him.

He helps me to navigate through

He always keeps me moving!

And in this particular lesson…

He is teaching me what to do in the “ebbs”.

Because He knows that I need to be able to navigate through both the ebbs and flows in this life.

So thank You, Father. You are faithful to teach me, and to lead me into the life lessons that I need. Thank You for helping me to navigate through. Thank You for reminding me, that there is never any reason to worry or to fret about anything, not even these kinds of seasons. Because You are right here with me, right here where I am. And You’re taking me to the next steps of the journey with You…

God, I’m learning to trust You in the “ebbs”

just like I’m learning to trust You in the “flows”…

-Heather 🌺

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