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1.19.2022 – A different kind of “learning season”…

I’m in a different kind of “learning season”…

And the lessons I am learning

are fast-paced,


“jump right in and make mistakes”…

I am having to learn things quickly

when I’d prefer to take it slow.

It feels like I’ve been nudged into something

brand new

and different…

with a little bit of an extra, uncomfortable push

outside of my comfort zone.

And there’s also a lot of,

“God, HOW am I going to do all of this? HOW am I going to get it all done?”

But you know, things are going just fine.

Do I hit a level of “overwhelm” from time to time in this?

The answer is “yes”…

…but am I okay?

The answer is “yes.”

And there are many things that could have gone wrong by now,

but they didn’t.

There are many things that could have not worked out so smoothly,

and yet they have.

My mind always tries to make things complicated,

but God always simplifies.

My mind wants to create all the “scenarios” that could happen,

in attempt to prepare, that I might “figure it all out” in advance, you know… “just in case.” 🙄

But God somehow always makes it so much easier

than these scenarios that tend to play out, in my mind.

So mind, why do you create things to worry about?

Mind, why do you fret?

Mind, why do you try to create so many “what ifs”?




He is with me in each step of the lesson.

Though my mind wants to worry,

I have nothing to fear.

God is my Teacher, and He has led me here.

He will “teach” me through.

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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