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1.24.2022 – Wrestling with change…

“Things change…”

Ha, of course they do.

Change can hit us at different levels,

in different ways,

Sometimes change is subtle,

gradual… and what a relief!

But sometimes change comes suddenly,

sometimes change is more extreme.

Things have changed so much in my life lately.

In some ways it has been gradual,

and then in the last month or so it has felt extreme.

And it’s like I could maybe sense a change was coming,

but I wasn’t sure how much of a change it would be.

I didn’t know exactly what the challenges would be like.

I didn’t know exactly what kind of resistance would arise within my soul.

There is something about the way change can show us the things we’re trying too hard to hang onto…

I find so much comfort in a routine—sometimes too much, and I know that it could “stunt my growth”

if I should try stay within that place,

of resisting change.

I think of the way I introduce new and different things to the donkeys as part of their daily training…

I present changes that stretch them little by little,

more and more,

day by day…

Sometimes they do well with change,

and other times, especially with a more drastic change,

they have to wrestle and work through it.

Well, here I am wrestling and working through it.

A change of pace,

a change of scenery,

a change to the kinds of challenges that I face.

I know it’s going to take a deeper level of trust in God,

and I’m hanging onto Him.

Because He knows the way. 🏃🏻‍♀️☀️

Thank You, Father.

-Heather 🌺

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