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2.7.2022 – The battles we face in the changing of the seasons…

I’ll be honest…

it seems I’ve been facing a battle within the place

of my time of communion with the Lord.

The time He and I share together here at the table each morning…

the time we sit and write together.

Somehow, ever since about 2018,

I’ve had this beautiful “pocket of time” in the mornings,

and it’s something that hasn’t really changed too much.

Other than a handful of times, nothing has been able to touch that time.

But now I find myself in the middle of a change…

And I don’t seem to have the amount of time I once had with Him in the mornings.

It doesn’t seem to come as easily.

Or perhaps,

if I’m really honest with myself…

it might be, that I’m not fighting for that time

quite like I used to.

So what do I do?

I sit down at the table…

and I go to my Heavenly Father about it.

Just like everything else.

And we face it together.

We take an honest look at it.

I may not have the quantity, or quality of time that I once had…

but don’t you think He is more than capable

of working with what we do have together?

Can He not make something out of nothing?

So I asked Him what He has in mind for these mornings with Him…

And I felt I heard Him say,

“That You might know My presence, and that I might fill you to overflow…”

And you know,

God has this way of writing upon the heart,

settling things in…

and sometimes it takes a little time to process through it.

To realize and to behold

what has been received.

Do you ever sense that God is planting something,

causing something to begin to take form,

to come together,

to grow,

to be revealed…

but you can’t quite put anything together in your mind

to be able to understand it or explain it.

It’s so faint…

that you are only able to sense it within your spirit…

And you can’t see anything that has formed in the natural,

but you know He’s up to something,

and you know He’s revealing something to you.

You know He’s pulling something together,

you know He’s connecting the dots…

Promises and truths within His Word, glimpses within dreams, treasures within conversations, prophetic words, thoughts, memories, things He has highlighted, previous encounters with Him…

He’s been doing a lot of that this morning…

And well, that’s where I’m at.

So Father, here I am… 

pressing in…

And I know that You’ll bring it all together.

I know that You’ll show me the way. 💝

Thank You, Lord.

-Heather 🌺

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