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2.15.2022 – Connecting the Dots of Themes in Dreams

This morning I felt prompted to browse through my dream journal…

I have to say, I get so excited when I’m prompted to dig into a “journal treasure hunt” —because that’s really what it feels like to me.

Connecting dots…

that form into a “treasure”

right before my eyes…

I had a certain “theme” pattern in mind to look for within my dreams from over the last few months, and when I saw a dream that had to do with this “theme” or had certain particular dream elements, I would put a pink sticky note on the pages of my journal to mark the dream.

I went all the way through my most recent journal that was from about October up until now, and then when I finished, I could see all of the dreams that had to do with this specific theme, or at least seemed to.

And this morning

I simply want to encourage you,

and remind you of this invitation you have been given into an adventure with the Lord!

Record your dreams,

and do it before the Lord… ✍️

God knows your heart to seek Him.

Keep a journal of your dreams, no matter how silly, or unimportant they might seem.

Dare to jot them down.

Don’t understand?

Can’t seem to make sense?

It’s okay.

The Lord will help you to connect the dots when the time is right!

He will give you sight to see the picture

of what He wants you to see.

Sometimes we have to wait for all of the dots

before we can connect them

to be able to see the bigger picture.

The Holy Spirit will give you the understanding that you need, and He knows when you’ll need it.

You’ll be amazed at what unfolds for you to see!

(…and it might become more of an adventure than you ever expected it would be!)

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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