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2.19.2022 – Learning to Overcome

One of the things I am learning about living life

in the midst of facing fears and anxiety,

is learning to accept

that fear and anxiety might not always just “go away”

when I’d like them to “just go away.”

Learning to accept

that I won’t always be swept up and “rescued” from all of the swirling chaos in my mind

in the moments

that I think I can’t handle facing any more of it.

Why does God do it this way sometimes?

Many times He doesn’t just take it all away in that moment that I cry out to Him about it.

“God, where ARE YOU right now??”

But I’m learning

that sometimes


and His love as a good Father

to teach me

how to face the things

that make me feel timid and afraid

head on

And I’m learning to overcome and face,

being afraid of fear

being afraid of failing

being afraid of making mistakes

being afraid of doing things wrong…

while I’m learning to listen for His voice, to grab hold of His hand

in the midst of what I face.

I’m learning

that sometimes I’ve got to be willing to do something wrong—imperfectly

before I can learn how to do it right.

Will I be alright, in Christ

even if I don’t do things “just right”?

Even if I mess up and make mistakes?


Ever since God started bringing Psalm 91 to light in my life a few years ago

(and bringing it to LIFE in my life)

He has started teaching me about facing the things that make me afraid,

and I’m learning

that many times I’ve got to accept that I might feel afraid for a little bit.

But guess what?

I’m always


Even when I think I’m not okay.

And every so often, it’s like He changes things up a little bit when I get a little too comfortable with where I’m at.

That’s where I’m at right now.

Stepping into a brand new territory.

Brand new adventures that I never thought I needed.

But God knows exactly what I need for what’s in the path ahead.

He’s so good to prepare us,

to build within us

for what lies ahead for us to overcome

and what lies ahead for us to be(come) and grow into…

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.”—J.R.R. Tolkien

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

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