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4.7.2022 – So I’m going through this thing right now…

So I’m going through this thing right now…

You see, “writing” has been “what I do”…

…my preferred way of communication…

The words have flowed onto the page every day for a few years now,

and really, for most of my life, off and on…

And while I still write in my every day for different kinds of things,

I am finding…

…that the words are not flowing in the way that they used to

within my personal time,

and within my time with the Lord each day.

“What is this, God? Have I done something wrong?

Are You unhappy with me?

Did I set ‘my pen’ down?

…did You take it away?”

I’ve had this conversation with the Lord.

Here is where I am…

I am realizing…

that maybe it’s just that God is nudging me to overcome some new kinds of things.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve felt the nudge

the motivation

and the inspiration

to “chronicle” my day

in a different kind of way…

And that way has been within “video” and not so much in writing as I have been used to.

Do you know how scary and uncomfortable being on a camera or talking to a camera has been for me?

A girl who once hated herself, and told herself so every time she looked into the mirror.

So when I felt the inspiration to do this,

when I sensed the nudge to try,

I was quite surprised…

Do you know that I “write”…

but “writer” is not my identity.

“Writing” or “taking photos” or anything that I could ever do… is not what gives me my identity or worth in His eyes.

It’s who I am, in Christ.

And I am who God says I am to be, in Christ. 🌺

And I have invited Him to do what He wants to do through me, within my life.

And He is building me

and shaping me

into the “me”

that He has purposefully designed me to be.

I say all of this to say…

Don’t be surprised

or worried

if it feels like God has taken something away in your life…

Yes, talk with Him about it,

yes, check your heart, and seek His heart…

But it could be

that He’s just wanting to take you into a new territory

a different landscape

that will continue shaping you

and growing you

into the “you” that He has always dreamed you would be.

He knows we need “change.”

And I’m hanging on, and trusting Him.

Thank You, Father. 💝

-Heather 🌺

2 thoughts on “4.7.2022 – So I’m going through this thing right now…

  1. I agree, Heather. Thank you for always being so transparent. I appreciate your honesty and just want to encourage you to continue to be confident in where he is leading you. Whatever you set your hands to do will be blessed. Love your blog!

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