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11.4.2022 – Just let Him “catch you”…

Sometimes when I’m dealing with our sheep, I ask the Lord to help me to “be a good shepherd(ess) like Him”…. or I’ll ask Him to show me things, give me deeper understanding of us (the sheep) and Him (our Good Shepherd)…

Well, yesterday, I was determined to catch a sheep in open pasture so I could give her a dewormer drench…(because I mean, they run to me, follow me, and let me pet and scratch them all the time) but the moment I need to catch one of them with the crook, they just want to run like wild sheep. 😅

And I realized that’s how we sometimes do with the Good Shepherd…

He knows what we need,

when we need it—sometimes urgently…a matter of life and death…

but sometimes His children just want to run from Him,

even though He only wants to help them, make them well, and lead them from “death to life.”

Just let Him “catch you”…


He’s a GOOD Shepherd. ❤️

He knows what His good is for you.

And He knows what you need. 🐑☀️

-Heather 🌺

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