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…and He draws me back into “right here, right now”…

Good Morning, Heavenly Father… I come to You… And I open my heart before You. ❤️☀️ Oh these swirling thoughts and memories… This ruminating… Sometimes it gets so out of hand. Sometimes it gets so out of control. …But You pull me back into “right now.” You draw me away from my worries my concerns… Read More …and He draws me back into “right here, right now”…

Adventure, Challenge, Creativity, Encouragement, Growth, Hope, Journaling, Life, Mindset, Morning Time, Pain, Protection, Purpose, Rest, Thankfulness, The Secret Place, Thinking, Trials, Trust, Truth, Writing

3.1.19 – It’s a New Day.

Well, we are back home from NYC now, and I am writing from my favorite sitting spot this morning –my most favorite dining room table. ☺️☀️? We get a day to be home and then we’re heading out again, this time for a big shoot up in the mountains for a week or so +… Read More 3.1.19 – It’s a New Day.

Adventure, Anxiety, Challenge, Change, Comfort, Creativity, Favor, Fears, Gratitude, Growth, Habits, Hope, Identity, Insecurity, Intimidation, Journaling, Life, Mindset, Morning Time, Obedience, Pain, Personality, Photography, Prayer, Provision, Purpose, Redemption, Rest, The Secret Place, Thinking, Transition, Trials, Trust, Truth, Worry

2.3.19 – My “Here and Now”

I am learning not to make a move ahead of God. Not to even go there in my mind. That sounds like a really dangerous thing to do, doesn’t it? Well, it is. I’ve found myself trying to do this. To think I know what He could possibly do in a situation and then to… Read More 2.3.19 – My “Here and Now”