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4.4.2020 – Tender Hearts

This morning the Lord brought to mind a memory from last February, and so I went and found my journal from around that time to see what I had recorded. It was around the time I had fallen. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit for a little while, and a prayer group had prayed for me.… Read More 4.4.2020 – Tender Hearts

Comfort, Encouragement, Favor, Gratitude, Healing, Hope, Humility, Hunger, Identity, Journaling, Life, Love, Mindset, Morning Time, Relationship, Thankfulness, The Heart, The Secret Place, Trust, Truth, Vulnerability, Weakness, Words, Writing

11.14.19 – Where He Dwells ?

The Lord highlighted Isaiah 57:15 to me in my bible last night, and this morning I felt led to digging into some other translations to see if I could get a deeper understanding and broader picture of the meaning… Here is the version I first read from, the NJKV, “For thus says the High and… Read More 11.14.19 – Where He Dwells ?