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3.20.2020 – SOS

This song came on yesterday… and something about it felt like the “cry of many out there in the world” right now. Perhaps it’s the cry of many who are going through this challenging and troubling time of uncertainty. But then the Lord gave me Psalm 46 ☀️(I encourage you to read it in it’s… Read More 3.20.2020 – SOS

Adventure, Challenge, Change, Creativity, Encouragement, Forgiveness, Growth, Habits, Hope, Humility, Imperfections, Journaling, Life, Mindset, Morning Time, Obedience, Personality, Prayer, Relationship, Repentance, Struggle, Thankfulness, The Heart, The Secret Place, Thinking, Truth, Vulnerability, Weakness, Words, Worry, Writing

10.20.19 – “Examine my heart and my intentions, Lord”

As I was sitting here before the Lord this morning, a thought came to mind, that I knew I was to write down, but somehow I got distracted before I could get it written down. Moment of Honesty: It came back as I lost my “agenda” of wanting to get something written today, in a… Read More 10.20.19 – “Examine my heart and my intentions, Lord”